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Why and How A-Rod Invested a very Huge Amount of Dollars($300,000) to Keto Cookie Company on Shark Tank?

ketogenic dieting has very attractive in the consumer market since 2018, the average of the hashtag on Instagram is nearly approaching 10 million posts, so the keto diet consists of low carb average and higher protein and with good fats levels. NUI Cookies: Now Nui cookies enter to the market, and this cookie consists of super-low sugar, and the high-fat cookie that created the fulfill dreams of keto dieters. The company received a huge amount of invested $300,000 from Alex Rodrigue on XYZ’s Shark Tank on a few weeks ago. Rodriguez basically interested in cookie product, after all his girlfriend, is a cookie junkie, and he said that I know a girl who loved cookies, he said that one of the very famous stars in the history of big-screen named Jennifer Lopez mostly eat a cookie every night before she moves to her bed. Founders of Nui Cookie Experience with Keto Diet: So the founders of Nui cookies name Kristoffer Quiaoit and Victor Macias first time work or analysis on the keto diet in 2016. They both noticed that Macias reducing weight 40 pounds in terms of health benefits from fewer of the nap, but they don’t want to leave their sugar craving because cookie without sugar is tasteless I think so. one of the friends who have not enough experience that how to bake or cock, he used one of founder(Kristoffer) mom’s oven and start to work and bake their own cookie with sugar-free, because as everyone knows that sugar is not good for fat or too many healthy peoples. After several times of tries, they baked a cookie that is helpful and benefits for those who want to live the keto lifestyle. After success in baked a free sugar flavor cookie, the Quiaoit and Macias the co-founders plan to turn this recipe into a business cycle with Nui. The cookie they bake in several flavors or in multiple shapes, contain not more than one Gram of sugar on each and very fewer fats in it ingredients like coconut oil, and grass-fed butter making this cookie friendly ketogenic, both co-founder claim to sharks that this makes ketogenic friendly means natural sweeteners and with sugar free, that is benefits for those people who have diabetes problem and for those also who a very huge body structure means heavyweight. Cost: For example, if you eat whole packets of Nui cookies so it’s mean that you will consume sugar less than one regular base cookie, Kristoffer recommends to “Shark Tank”. After trying several flavors of the cookie, the investor impressed to know its bake quality and taste as well, Nui sales increase with the huge range they sold $1.1 million of cookies, over 12 months. The price they mentioned for each box is $29.00 and each box contains 20 cookies, its costs for entrepreneurs those manufacturing their boxes in between $11 to $ 14, it’s depending on the design and shape and flavor you will choose. They confirmed their entrepreneurs, those who want to sell online they must need to get number down between $5 to $6 if they get into retailing. They both founder seeking $300,000 in exchange for 10% of the company and claimed that they needed more cash for buying a higher range of inventory that will be necessary helpful for reducing the cost. Several other companies out in the market due to low investment in other different companies, O’Leary again jumped in with a cupcake company named Wicked Good Cupcakes, O’leary Barbara Corcoran both companies offered Nui founders $300,000 on a 2.0% stake and royal of $1/unit. offered by O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran offered $150,000 with a $150,000 line of credit as well for a 15% stake, with 50 cents/unit royalty. Rodriguez also found $3 million but he preferred to resonated personal stories of co-founder, one more thing these two friends and founders belong to two different states, Macias belong to Mexico his parents migrated from Mexico, on the other hand, Quiaoit has belonged to the Philippines. Rodriguez Overview: Rodriguez said, to both founders, today I can really appreciate and today I know that what Ph.D. really meaning or having a Ph.D. is all about? today I think it stands for poor, hungry and driven, and these 3 words I really feel on both of you, you have that. so with that Rodriguez offered Nui $300,000 on 25% of the stake, and once more offered them that he would like to help them to grow business in the future, but both co-founders tried to counter both offers, the offered from Rodriguez and Corcoran. Than Rodriguez told both founders when you are earning several amounts of dollars in millions, after that you both don’t need to worry about a little amount of percent, weather its 5% or 10%, After that, both co-founders accept the offer of Rodriguez.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

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