advice on cleaning up masks
use of masks safely during pandemic

A piece of advice shared by a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic on how to keep your skin clean and how to prevent from coping with pesky acne caused by masks 


As reported in the US news in Oct. On February 23, 2020, at 10:06 a.m., a new term was developed during the coronavirus pandemic to describe acne that appears under the mask, experienced primarily by large numbers of the public and workers in the Health care departments


Previously, this acne was known as acne called Mechanica, this refers to the irritation of the skin from excess heat, pressure, and rubbing of anything against the skin, with the continuous rubbing of the skin against anything It irritates it and becomes rough and then The shape bombs look like acne, by counties the use of the mask can make the problem worse or it can cause a new one, the humidity and heat are perfect places for bacteria, the skin under the mask stays warm and moist causing the production of many types of bacteria, including bacteria. That cause acne on the skin,

There are some simple steps that help keep skin healthy and acne-free, even after continued use of the mask has caused none skin problems.

1-Skip Additional Makeup

Don’t wear makeup, especially heavy makeup while wearing a mask as it is a big contributor to clogging skin pores and stays in the mask, so it is best not to wear makeup under the mask for healthier skin and acne prevention.

2-Wash Face Regularly 

Use a mild soap or soap-free cleanser according to your skin type before and after using the mask, this will help keep your skin clean and remove excess oil and dirt that clog pores and cause problems.

3-Wash the Mask 

If you are using a mask made of cloth or washable material than you should wash it regularly because oil, dirt, and sweat accumulate masks, try to get a mask made of 100% cotton, they are less harmful than synthetic or mixed material masks, in case of wearing medical masks change them daily


After washing your face, apply a good type of moisturizer or use a skincare product such as Brilliance Skin Care Product which is very reliable and recommended by many doctors to keep the skin healthy and free from acne and acts as a barrier between the skin, bacteria, and the mask to reduce friction and damage, its ingredient provides additional protection against all types harmful bacteria.

If you did not find relief from the basic treatments, try some other remedy, but make sure that all these products must be harmless and free from allergic ingredients and must be of high-quality, fake products can increase skin dryness and irritation. Always use a medically proven medicine or product.

Consult your Doctor 

There are several other types of skin problems that regular use of the mask can cause, such as contact dermatitis that can occur from the allergic material used in the mask’s preparation, so always use a good quality mask, if You did not feel comfortable after using all kinds of remedies you contact your doctor, who will help you better according to your conditions

Do not wear so much tight mask it can cause a rash if it occurs, so use topical steroids like hydrocortisone, which could be helpful in this condition