Alcohol Poisoning: What is Alcohol Poisoning, Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors
Alcohol Poisoning: What is Alcohol Poisoning, Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors

What is Alcohol Poisoning?

Alcohol poisoning can be serious and a life-threatening situation, you can face this situation if you have drunk too much alcohol in a short time. Heavy drinking can affect your breathing, body temperature, heart rate, gag reflexes and may lead to coma or fatal.

If children or adults intentionally or accidentally drink products that are used at home containing alcohol the chances of alcohol poisoning increase.

If you or your loved one comes in front of this kind of condition immediately, take medical attention. Call for emergency help if you suspect someone of alcohol poisoning.

What are the Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning

The symptoms and signs related to alcohol poisoning are



Breathing slowly less the six breaths per minutes

Irregular heartbeat


Passing out


Can not awak

When to See a Doctor

It is better to get emergency medical help even without the symptoms. A person who is unconscious or can not stay aroused can be at high chance of dying with alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol Poisoning is An Emergency

If you feel that the concerning person is an alcohol poisoning suspect. And there are not any kind of symptoms and signs of poisoning. You should seek medical care immediately you should follow these steps 

Call 911 

Call 911 or a medical emergency number in your local area immediately. Never let the person fall asleep. 

Don’t Leave That Person Alone

Alcohol poisoning affects the working of the gag reflex. The person with alcohol poisoning can choke with his vomit and may not breathe. While waiting for help do not try to make the person vomit because it can choke that person and can cause serious problems.

Help the Victim

If a person gets alcohol poisoning help him sitting up, if they lie down is necessary to turn his or her head to a side that will help to keep the airways clear and prevent choking. Keep that person awak do not let him sleep until the arrival of help

Get Help

If you become a victim of alcohol poisoning, or someone is drunk enough that should be medical intervention. Don’t be afraid to call the medical emergency and do not worry or feel shy to call your area’s emergency. But if you do not get help in time and you or your loved one or the person who is poisoned by the alcohol go in unconsciousness which can bring very bad consequences.

Causes of Alcohol Poisoning 

Alcohol contains ethanol which is ethyl alcohol. This is found in alcoholic drinks, mouthwashes, beverages, household products, cooking extracts, and some kind of medications. Drinking too much ethyl can cause poisoning which is generally too much drinking alcoholic beverages in a very little time period.

Other types of alcohol such as isopropyl alcohol which is found in lotions, cleaning products, and rubbing alcohol other types of ethylene glycol or methanol which is commonly found in paints, solvents, solutions, antifreeze, and other things. These types of alcohol are toxic and very dangerous to drink and need immediate emergency treatment.

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is a major reason and cause of alcohol poisoning. When a man rapidly consumes five or more alcoholic drinks continuously in two hours. Or a woman consumes five or more than five alcoholic drinks rapidly in two or three hours. It occurs for some hours and also can last for more than several days.

Before passing out you should take a fatal dose when you fell unconscious and stop drinking. Alcohol continues to release vapor in your stomach and Einstein reaches in your blood and increases alcohol levels in your body continuously. 

What is a Normal Limit?

Alcohol absorbed very quickly in your body, unlike foods that take hours to digest and reach in your bloodstream. And your body needs a lot more time to get rid of it that you have consumed. It can take more than forty days to vanish from your body. Alcohol is processed by the liver, the more you drink alcohol the more pressure comes on the liver which causes failure of the system and risk of liver-related diseases.

Mixed drinks contain more alcohol than the single brand drinks and take even longer to metabolize it and get rid of it.

Risk factors associated with Alcohol Poisoning

There are many factors that can increase the risks of alcohol poisoning such as

Overall health condition 


Eating habits

Recent foods

Your medical history

Percentage of alcohol in your drinks

Amount and rate of consumed alcohol

Your level of alcohol tolerance.