Soy Keto
Soy Keto

Soya bean belongs to the Fabaceae family of kingdom plantae. Its scientific  name is    Glycine max.  It is a legume and is grown in East Asia. Sometimes Soya bean is also written as Soy bean, these both terms are used alternatively for the same plant.  The beans of this plant are a rich source of   isoflavones along with carbs and proteins.  It is also rich with many vitamins and minerals. In addition to this it also provides antioxidants and phytonutrients which are anti inflammatory in nature and are beneficial for human health. Being such a rich source of a number of vital compounds it is being used in a variety of food products. It is eaten in variable forms to get variable results.

What is Keto?

Keto diet is basically a low carb but high fat, and moderate protein  dietary plan that has a huge range of health benefits. It helps in various illnesses including diabetes, cancer etc.  This diet is best known for weight loss in a fairly less period of time. It is also known as Ketogenic diet.  The core concept of keto diet is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to a huge extent and replacing it with a fairly large amount of fat based food. It is quite similar with the Atkins diets.

When you are on keto , your body starts a mechanism called Ketosis. Ketosis is a process which is activated when your body is running out of required amounts of carbohydrates. Carbs are the main source of energy, so the decreased amount of carbs in your body makes your body start burning fat contents in order to meet the energy needs. This process indone by the production of products called Ketones. These ketones start working as a fuel for your body. Ketones are basically formed in the human liver.  Ketosis is a type of metabolic state that helps in dissolving the fat contents quickly and efficiently.    

Keto diet can be of various forms  based on the amount of carbohydrates that you take on a specific period of time. There are usually 4 types of keto and these are:

  1. CKD as known as Cyclic Ketogenic diet
  2. TKD as known as Targeted Ketogenic diet
  3. SKD as known as Standard Ketogenic diet
  4. HPKD as known as High protein ketogenic diet

Keto Food

The Keto diet has gained attention in the recent past. Ketogenic diet is ranked top for quick and effective weight loss. There are various foods that have high amounts of fats, moderate amounts of protein and very low amounts of carbs in them, These foods are categorized into keto friendly food. Keto food is of great importance when it comes to maintaining the body mass index and preventing or controlling some major health hazards. 

soya keto
soya keto

Following is a general keto food list that serves as the best keto friendly food. These all have a very good amount of fats in them and are highly advised for ketosis:

  • Eggs:

Eggs are a total treat for people following a ketogenic diet. They can be consumed in a number of ways. One single egg has less than i gram of carbohydrates in it and contains around 6 grams of protein. Eggs fulfil the appetite and maintain blood sugar levels. 

  • Cheese:

If you are talking about keto you can’t bypass cheese. Cheese is a very rich source of fat content. There are numerous types of cheese available in the market. All the types of cheese are keto friendly and the reason behind that is they are high in fat and low on carbs. Looking into the values we can see that one ounce of cheddar cheese which accounts for 28 grams has only 1 gram of carbs in it. The amount of protein is 7 gram per 28 gram.

  • Sea Food:

Are you a seafood lover and you want to do keto too? Congratulations you are doing it right.

Fish and other sea food are a very incredibly rich source of potassium, vitamins ( particularly vitamin B), selenium. Seafood specifically salmon and some other fish are totally free of carbohydrates. Taking fish can decrease the risk of many health problems. Fish helps in the production of ketones thus promoting ketosis in the body.  

  • Meat and Poultry:

Being on a keto diet requires you to take a large amount of meat and meat products. Fresh meat and chicken has zero carbs in them. They are very rich in vitamin B and zinc along with many other minerals. 

It can be said as a chief staple food for people doing keto.  

  • Avocados:

They are a type of fruit and own a very starling list of health benefits. They are rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. High levels of potassium in them makes ketosis quick and more efficient. 

Other foods that are good for ketogenic diet are;

  1. Coconut diet
  2. Greek Yogurt
  3. Olive oil
  4. Nuts and Seeds
  5. Whole olives
  6. Berries
  7. Sugar free coffee and tea
  8. Cocoa powder
  9. Dark chocolate 

Keto Vegetables

The main concept of consuming vegetables during keto is to consume vegetables that have a large amount of carbohydrates in them. It is advised to avoid all those vegetables that grow below the ground level in the soil bed. These include squash, potatoes, yams, onions and beetroot etc. The reason is that these veggies are high in starch. They should be taken into a limit only.  There is a huge list of vegetables that can be used during keto. These are usually the green leafy vegetables. They give a feeling of full filament to your stomach and help in losing weight quickly.  

The Vegetables That are Good to Used During Keto are:

  1. Cabbage
  2. Broccoli
  3. Celery
  4. Kale
  5. Spanish
  6. Lettuce
  7. Cauliflower
  8. Swiss chard
  9. Cucumber
  10. Brussels sprouts
  11. Red pepper
  12. Green pepper
  13. Olives
  14. Tomatoes etc.

Keto Condiments

When you are on keto it is better to use all keto based condiments either for cooking or for dipping. There is a list of keto based condiments, some of them are naturally keto and other are sugar free modified condiments:

  • Coconut Aminos:

    This can be used as an alternative to soy sauce. It provides the perfect amounts of sodium. It is used by people who suffer from gluten allergy. It is also called Gluten Free Soy Sauce.
  • Sugar Free BBQ Sauce:

BBQ sauce is a great house of taste and flavor. It is used in steaks, burgers, patties etc. Sugar free BBQ sauce is a blessing for people who are on Keto. It maintains the versatile flavor along and also helps in cutting out the carbs and sugar. 

  • Avocado based Mayonnaise:

It is made from Avocado fruit oil and is a very rich source of fats with fairly low amounts of carbs and can be used during keto. It is a very healthy condiment  for the human body and brings a flood of flavor in your mouth. 

  • Sugar Free Organic Tomato Ketchup:

Although it is sugar free but still it has a very astounding flavor. It is really hard to differentiate sugar free ketchup from regular ketchup. Both has less or more the same taste, but sugar free ketchup is very healthy and aids in losing weight quickly

  • Mustard:

Mustard sauce is a yellow color condiment that has a very novel but strong flavor. It has a very sharp and pungent flavor in it which adds heat to your meal. It varies from texture to flavor. Honey based mustard is also available but this should not be used on keto. 

 In addition to these there are many other keto Condiments that not only enhance the flavor but also are good for human health, there is a long list some are:

  1. Ranch sauce
  2. Hot sauce
  3. Italian Vinaigrette
  4. Marinara Sauce
  5. Keto Friendly Steak sauce
  6. Yogurt Dressing etc.

These condiments are suggested to use when you are on keto to maintain a proper carbs and fat ratio in the body.

Keto Snacks:

You are on Keto But you Want Some Snacking?

Here you go. Being on keto doesn’t mean that you can’t have snacks. You can enjoy snacks while being on keto but the only compulsion will be a smart choice of snacks. Look for options that provide you with a rich amount of fat and a moderate amount of protein. Keto snacks help you maintain your low carb diet along with providing you with a high fat based food. These snacks not only help you maintain your healthy keto lifestyle but also satisfy your taste buds.

Keto Snacks

This a list of All the Healthy Snack Options that are 100 Percent Keto Friendly:

  1. Keto smoothies made out of coconut or almond milk
  2. Cheese slices
  3. Avocado fruit
  4. Eggs
  5. Olives 
  6. Macadamia nuts
  7. Beef jerky which is a dry stripped salted meat.
  8. Meatballs
  9. Brazil Nuts
  10. Cheese and Mushrooms etc. 

Foods To Avoid During Ketogenic Diet:

Any food that contains high amounts of carbohydrates is not suitable for keto diet. This can break the ketosis chain. Following is a list of foods you can’t have on the keto diet 

  1. Starch based Vegetables
  2. Juices
  3. Chips 
  4. Crackers
  5. Gluten containing bread and bakery products
  6. Sugar and honey syrup
  7. Sweet Yogurt
  8. Grains etc. 

What if You are Not Taking Enough Fat during Keto?

The back bone of the Ketogenic diet is taking a low carb, High fat and moderate protein diet. Out of all fat is the actual spirit of the ketogenic diet so this raises a question that what happens if you don’t eat enough fat on keto. This query can be explained by keeping in mind the following explanations. The decreased carb content in the body will support the process of ketosis in the human thus will fasten the process of weight loss. High amount of fat consumption will help you lose weight more easily. If you are taking low amounts of fats along with a low amount of carbs , this deprived your energy and will increase your hunger. You will feel more hunger pangs and it will be difficult for you to maintain and continue keto for a longer duration of time. 

If you are not able to consume the required amount or fat then add some extra cheese slice, or extra spoon of oil and butter to your meal. Cutting your fat consumption is not that critical. Keto will still be effective but it will be harder to continue in the long run.

Soy and Keto

You might be wondering, is soy keto friendly and what is soy keto. Soy is actual;y keto.But we can’t suggest it in bulk. Now the question of the problem here is that is soy keto approved. The link between soy and keto diet can be explained by seeing the following facts. As we know that if someone is on Keto he or she should take around 50 grams of carbs daily. Soy has 33 grams of crabs and does not fall into the category of keto food. The reason why this will not come under the category of Keto is that it will not be able to maintain the balance of the macros that you need to consume.  But this can be used in case no other keto friendly vegetable is available at that instant. This can be consumed as soy chunks, beans or sauce along with many other forms.  Phytoestrogens are a very important compound present in soya. This compound acts as a human hormone in the human body, this hormone is called Estrogen. There is not much literature in this regard but this can be seen that high levels of estrogen from any source can cause hormone balance fluctuations for both genders. There is another important point that can’t be ignored at all. Soya contains a large amount of Genetically modified organisms, thus soya can not be considered 100 percent organic in nature. So if someone wants to have organic food while being on keto Soya is not a superlative choice. 

Is Soy Good for Low Carb Diet?

Soy is a low carb diet. It has around 30 grams of carbs per 100 grams of raw soybeans. Soy Tofu and tempeh are a very good source of a low carb and high fat diet. Soy is low glycemic index food. Glycemic index of a food is the extent to which the blood sugar level raises following a meal. 

If you are on a keto diet you can surely take Soy because of its low carb count but don’t forget to keep in mind the other aspects as well which are explained in the following topics. 

Is Tofu Keto?

Another name used for Tofu is Bean curd. Tofu is made up from soaked soy beans and has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor to it. It comes into small white solid square boxes. Its texture varies with respect to softness. It can be extra soft like silk and can be extra firm and cracky. 100 grams of tofu provides you around 70 calories and contains 4.8 grams of fat out of which 0.7 gram is saturated, 1.1 gram is monounsaturated fat and 2.7 gram is polyunsaturated fat.  For every 100 gram of tofu 1.6 grams of carbohydrates are present. Any variety of Tofu can be eaten raw.

Tofu is a good option for a keto diet. It is suggested to explore the 100 percent organic source of Tofu. Organic Tofu will not have any genetically modified organism in it. The best option in this regard in using sprouted and germinated tofu. Sprouted is very useful as it aids in enhancing the digestibility. If you put something heaving on Tafu and leave it for 30 minutes, you will be astonished by seeing the total amount of water that comes out of the Tofu. Once you have taken all the water out of tofu, it’s good to go for slicing and cutting. This variation is vital while using Tofu in Cooking. 

Is Soya Sauce Keto-friendly ?

Soy sauce is loved and admired all over the world but the debate on  whether you can have soy sauce on keto and whether it is soy sauce keto or not needs a detailed discussion. Knowing the chemical composition of soy people is usually concerned that soy keto is approved. People are usually concerned that soy sauce has carbs and if yes then how many carbs are in soy sauce. We can see that by nature soya sauce carbs are low in amount. It  can be referred to as keto as it contains low carb count, and is rich in protein. But this is not the perfect way to take low carb. As it is already explained that the required amount of carbs needed while being on keto diet is 50 grams and soy only has 33 grams ( this can be further explained that one tablespoon there are 0.7 grams Carbs In Soy Sauce ) so it can be an efficient source of required carb source. This fact about the amount of carbohydrates in soy sauce makes a huge impact on the ketosis happening in body. Carbs in soy are good for health but they are not a smart choice for initiating ketones. People take soy on keto but it is important to keep an eye on the carb count too.  

Another interesting fact about soy sauce is the amount of calories that it has. Can you guess how many calories in a tablespoon of soy sauce are? And the answer is a bit unexpected : around 9 calories. 

Why is Soy Sauce Bad for Keto?

The  presence of genetically modified organisms makes it a source of imbalance of hormones in both men and women by altering the values of estrogen hormone. And this is the main answer to the question why soy is bad for keto. In addition to this, it can also be observed that soy contains very high levels of phytic acid. Phytic acid is called an Anti-nutrient agent because it inhibits the absorption of many vital minerals like zinc, iron and calcium etc.This can ultimately lead to mineral deficiencies in the human body if taken for a long duration of time. This also makes soy an unfavourable food source in long term. Soya sauce also has some concomitants of gluten and wheat that are clearly not keto friendly at all. Funneling this all we can answer the statements likeIs Soy Sauce Keto-Friendly by keeping in mind that soy can be a component of Dirty Keto diet, but it can’t be a part of Clean Keto at all. And these facts are enough to explain why avoid soy on keto

Kikkoman soy sauce keto:

 Kikkoman soy sauce is a very rich in flavor, mellowy condiment that contains only 4 elements. These are Soybeans, salt, wheat and water. The best thing about this is that It does not have any kind of natural flavor enhancers added to it. It is made by following a slow process that takes around months of brewing. The process of making kikkoman soy sauce is very similar to that of making wine. It gives a unique flavor to a number of dishes and is a wonderful addition to your pantry.Kikkoman soy sauce is not a good option considering keto. It can be used but only in a controlled manner. 

Technically we can say that kikkoman soy sauce can be utilized while on a keto diet. Because it contains a fairly low amount of carbohydrates which is around 3.3 percent total net. But this is not the preferred and cleanest ingredient for low carb sources. However minimal amounts of kikkoman soya can be used as a seasoning ingredient in a variety of stacks and keto friendly salads.  

Bragg Soy Sauce and Keto:

Bragg soy sauce substitute is a type of aminos liquid. The comparison of braggs liquid aminos vs soy sauce shows some astonishing facts. Braggs soy sauce has no amounts of genetically modified organisms in it. It is a gluten free liquid. This is one of the best sources used as an alternative of conservative soy sauce. Braggs soy sauce substitute be used as a seasoning when you are on a ketogenic diet. It can be a good  substitute liquid aminos for soy sauce.

It can be used as a replacement for soy sauce in recipes. 

China Lily Soy Sauce:

This sauce is dark black in color, It is very salty in taste with a kick of heat .It is made up from soybeans and roasted wheat and can also be made from soybeans and roasted barley. It is used in a number of Asian dishes. It has around 75 percent of carbs and 25 percent of protein in it. It does not have any fat in it. It is not prefered to use in keto diet.

China Lily soy sauce

How to Make Keto Soy Sauce?

Soy sauce is one of the yummiest condiments. However if you are on a ketogenic diet you need to be extra careful. Think twice before using conservative soy sauce during the keto diet. Making Keto soy sauce is not a big deal. It has very basic ingredients and is ready in 20-25 minutes.

This can be made by adding  soy beans, wheat and yeast in boiling water. Keep in mind not to add salt. Keep stirring the mixture at a medium heat for 10 minutes or until the liquid is reduced to one third. Transfer this to a jar which is airtight and store it. This can be used for 7 to 8 days. Shake every time before using. This soy sauce atkin diet has no salt in it thus helping in easy weight loss in a lesser amount of time. 

Soy Sauce Brands:

Following are some safe brands of soy sauce by name available on amazon and other shopping sites:

  1. Kikkoman Soy sauce with decreased amount of sodium
  2. Kikkoman Ponzu Sauce
  3. Gluten free soy sauce by San-J Tamari
  4. Dark Soy sauce by Lee Kum Kee
  5. Sauteed mushrooms soy sauce by Lee Kum Kee
  6. Coconut Secret Soy Free Sauce
  7. Bisiho Soy sauce

Do you know that Out of all the available forms of soy sauce what soy sauce is keto friendly and where to buy keto soy sauce so answer to this question is that among all the soy sauces Coconut Aminos is the best low carb soy sauce and can be easily used during keto and this can be purchased from amazon or other reputed e-marts around the globe. 

This is the best type of keto soy sauce. If you are using Coconut aminos then you are using the right soy sauce on kito and can be utilized as soy sauce substitute liquid aminos. It can be used as a substitute for soy sauce in marinade. Just like braggs soy substitute there is a difference between liquid aminos and soy sauce for Coconut aminos too. 

Is Soy Flour Keto Friendly?

Soy flour is obtained from first class quality raw soybeans. It is a 100 percent whole bean flour and has a very strong nutty flavor. It has a huge similarity with coconut flour because both are very dry in nature. The amount of protein present in the soy flour is higher than other keto flours. It has around 10 grams of protein per serving. It also has a sufficient amount of dietary fiber present in it. When compared with wheat flour this can be seen that soy flour is a good and rich source of protein with a fairly low amount of carbs than wheat flour. Soy flour has a capacity to absorb all the ingredients added to it. 

Soy flour is used as a based ingredient for thickening soups and sauces etc. It is also used to condition and smooth out the bread dough. Organic soy flour is also available and this has no amount of genetically modified organism and other added pesticides etc.

Is Soy Milk Allowed in Keto?

Soy milk is obtained from grinding the soaked soy beans. It is a plant based milk drink. The process of extracting soy milk from soybeans is very simple. Soy beans are soaked in regular water and then are grounded. After grinding the next step is to boil the whole mixture followed by filtration.Soy milk is a type of emulsion. It has oil and protein from soy beans along with water. It can be called a by-product of Tofu. 

Is soy milk allowed in Keto?

Soy milk is available both in sweetened and unsweetened versions. The unsweetened Soy milk is an excellent drink for weight loss. It has a great flavor. Traditional cow milk can be easily replaced by Soy milk. One cup of soy milk contains around 4 grams of carbs in it while cow milk has around 12 grams carbs per one cup. This low carb count makes Soy milk suitable for being used in a ketogenic diet. But this should be kept in mind to use unsweetened soy milk keto otherwise your ketosis will be interrupted.

SoyBean  Oil

You may be curious. Is soybean oil keto friendly? Soybean oil keto is not the best combination and the reason is that soybean has high amounts of polyunsaturated fats which makes it a big no for people on keto. In general soy on keto is a choice but not for soybean oil.  All oils extracted from vegetable sources are not effective to use in keto diet.Oil extracted from soybeans are rich in polyunsaturated fats. This is the reason why other vegetable oils are preferred during ketogenic diets like sunflower etc. 

Soy Lecithin and Keto:

The term lecithin is used for a mixture of phospholipids and oils. The properties and characteristics of soy lecithin are variable depending on its use and process of manufacture.  Soy lecithin is a pervasive food additive. It is used as a dressing in salads and in tea bags as well. It is also used as an emulsifier agent.  

Soy lecithin can not  be used in keto and the reason behind this is that it has fairly no nutritional significance. Its use in keto diet is also restricted because it always has genetically modified organisms in it. Although it doesn’t have any toxic proteins in it, if you are allergic to soy beans then it is possible that you are also allergic to soy lecithin so it’s better to avoid it. 

Black Soy Beans Keto:

We all have heard that one should avoid beans while doing keto. But this is only true for beans which are rich in carbohydrates like red beans, kidney beans etc. 

If you talk about black soy beans, they are actually a low carb bean. They can be used while following a ketogenic diet plan. Half a cup of black soybeans has around 8 grams of carbs in it. They have nearly no sugar in them. The amount of fat content in half a cup of black soy bean is 6 grams. They have 7 grams of fibers in them along with 11 grams of protein. They can surely be used in a ketogenic diet in a variety of forms in salads or as snacks in roasted or boiled form. 


Funneling the whole thing, we can see that keto is a Keto low carb but high fat, and moderate protein  dietary plan that has a huge range of health benefits.The basic concept of keto diet is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to a huge extent and replacing it with a fairly large amount of fat based food.In this way the body starts running out of carbs and the utilization of fats as an energy source increases thus enhancing the process of ketosis and helping in the reduction of weight is less amount of time.When people are on keto they have many queries in mind likecan I have soy sauce on keto.  Soy can be said as Keto friendly. But we can’t suggest it in bulk. As we know that if someone is on Keto he or she should take around 50 grams of carbs daily. Soy has 33 grams of crabs and does not fall into the category of keto food. Soy sauce carb count is really important to keep in mind. The reason why this will not come under the category of Keto is that it will not be able to maintain the balance of the macros that you need to consume.This paper provides you some very answers to your questions like can you have soy sauce on keto, is soy sauce keto friendly,is soy milk keto , what is soy lecithin keto and can you have soy on keto etc.