Our body’s structure is supported by a spinal column, it keeps us stable to stand upright and it is enough flexible for our necessary movements. But there is a lot of pressure on it and many people have back issues from time to time mostly in old ages.

These issues can be due to sore ligaments, muscles, herniated disks, tendons, fractures, or other problems in the lower, upper, or middle back. 

Sometimes, it appears instantly but in so many cases these problems develop over time and with age.

Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain mostly come through our bad habits, such as

  • Wrong sitting or standing postures
  • Repeating the same thing again and again
  • Pulling, lifting, or pushing things  in the wrong way
  • Bad sleeping bed or mattress 

24 bones called vertebrae, stack together to shape our spine, if we view from the side a healthy spin looks like S.

It curves inward at your neck and backward at your shoulders and a little at your back. Its main function is to protect your spinal cord which is a network of nerves that control our movement and orders to our whole body from the brain to keep it in function.

Most Common Type of Back Pain

The most common type of back pain is due to the bands of muscles that surround the spine. Mostly in the lower back area and at the base of the neck, Because there is more weight on these areas rather than others.

So mid-back and upper back are less prone to trouble and problems. Accidents fall and injuries during sports can cause problems from muscle straining to disks slipping, 

Stabbing low back pain

This pain could be from muscle spasms when muscles do not relax and seized like a cramp.

Vertebrate can affect by osteoarthritis. because of cartilage wear down between them. And herniated disk push on nerves.


Some time pregnancy brings back pain with it. Weight gain and hormonal changes during pregnancy and different kinds of dresses on the pregnant women’s legs and spine causing back pain.

Nonspecific Back Pain

Sometimes our back can sore with no clear reason which is called nonspecific back pain. It can be due to weak muscles that can be handle by walking, stretching, and bending.

What you Feel in Back Pain

Whether you feel a dull or shooting ache it is just a sign that there is something wrong with your back and you feel in your arms and legs:

  • Numbness
  • Radiating
  • Weakness
  • tingling

If you can not control peeing means a serious issue like spinal cord compression. It is time to call your doctor.

How to Diagnose Back Pain

Only a specialist can diagnose the problem you should visit a health care provider if:

  • You feel pain in daily activities and tasks
  • If you get hurt, such as an accident or a fall
  • If it lasts more than 5 weeks

The doctor will test the range of motion during your exam. And check the working of nerves, so he can decide what to do next. 

You may need a different type of imaginary test. But there is no direct link between the results and how much you feel.

Treatment of Back Pain

The treatment depends on the causes of pain and where it locates. Which is different from person to person. 


Maybe your doctor says you to stay in bed or to do a gentle exercise according to your condition. That will help to strengthen your spine and improve flexibility.

A physical therapist can help you by designing a set of exercises for you that will give you relief from pain and you can move again.

Pain Relievers

Heat and ice work well to relieve the back pain. Doctors can prescribe medicines according to your pain level, but some of them can make you dependent on them so be careful and try to get relieved by exercise and heat or ice treatment.



Waking is very helpful for relieving low back pain. It is a very simple and effective way to treat back pain.


Exercise regularly strengthens the whole body along with muscles around your spine that will help you to keep balanced and stable.

Good Posture

Try to keep good posture, use the rule of the thumb, try to keep your ears, shoulders, and hips straight aligned while you sit walk, or stand.