Birth Control Choose the Right Type for You

Birth control is meant to prevent pregnancy while having sex. There are so numerous ways of birth control and a lot of choices available. We will discuss some famous ways of birth control. Choose the right option and commit to using that one during sex to prevent pregnancy.

Barrier Birth Control

As you can understand by name. In this method, they make a barrier between sperm and eggs. And sperm can not reach the egg to fertilize it. They are easily available at pharmacies without any doctor’s prescription. The common birth control barriers.


There are two types of condoms to use as a barrier or to birth control

1-Male Condoms

Male condoms are cheap and reliable to use. They are mostly made of latex. Latex condoms are more durable and very effective against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Natural and lambskin condoms are not good for the health of both partners and there are many risk factors associated with their use.

Male condoms are very effective at up to eighty percent if used properly it prevents pregnancy for more than ninety-eight percent. They are available easily and you can buy them at the spot any time without any prescription from a doctor.


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Side Effects and Risks of Male Condoms

There are not any kind of side effects found in condoms, like other birth control methods such as pills and shots. There are some things that you should contemplate while utilizing male condoms.

If you have a latex sensitivity, then condoms can trigger it. The common reaction to latex is hives, rashes, low blood pressure, and runny nose some time tightening of airways also occur.

If one of you has a latex allergy, then try to use lambskin or PU(polyurethane) condoms that could be a better alternative for you.

Even if you use condoms, keep in mind that there are still chances of becoming pregnant or getting STDs. because there are lots of chances of breakage and slipping. Especially during rough sex and when you use any kind of a numbing agent on your penis. You will not feel that you are wearing a condom or not.

What is important about condoms 


Condoms come in different sizes and colors. Always use a well-lubricated new condom. Do not use a condom twice. Find a condom that works well, take a little trial. Size and fitting are very important. If it is too firm it can crack during sex, and if it is too loose, it can slip off the penis. In some men, they feel decreased sensation and joy by using condoms, and some men feel uncomfortable wearing them. There are several types of condoms available in the market and online you can try certain types of condoms some of them provide more comfort and a great sensation during lovemaking.

Some condom manufacturing companies lubricate them with nonoxynol which can kill sperm and help prevent pregnancy. But due to many reasons, condoms without nonoxynol are better to use. Such as

  • They did not appear to be more efficient than other lubricated condoms to prevent pregnancy.
  • The sperm killer nonoxynol can damage skin cells and irritate the walls of the rectum or vagina which increases the risk of sexually transmitted infections.
  • They likewise did not render any help to guard against HIV or other STDs.
  • Nonoxynol lubricated condoms are more expensive than other usual condoms and have a very short shelf life.

Tips for Condom safety 

Male condoms do not last for too long and should be used properly to prevent pregnancy and STDs. here are some tips to use them more effectively.

  • Do not use an expired condom: Check the expiration date when you buy a condom.
  • Exposure to air, light, and heat can harm condoms and improve the probabilities of a break during sex. Do not cache them in your pocket or drawer for more than a month. The other factors that can damage condoms are friction and heat. It makes them less reliable and breakable.
  • Always use a water-based lubricant on condoms for sex. Like K-Y jelly or Astroglide. if you use latex condoms, do not use oil or oil-based lubricants such as cold cream, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, baby oil, cooking oil, olive oil, sunscreens, lotions, cold cream, whipped cream, or butter. These things weaken the condom latex and cause breakage during sex.

  • Always check your condom before use. If the condom is degraded, do not use it. Or if you see brittleness, pinpricks, cracks, or small tears in the condom do not use it.
  • Use only polyurethane or latex type to prevent STDs. Other types of condoms do not prevent Stix. read the label of the condom packet to find out what the condom is made of and its date.
  • Always use a new condom, never reuse it because it increases the risk of passing STDs and pregnancy
  • What every type of sex you have always used a condom during any kind of sexual activity whether you have vaginal, anal, or oral sexual activity it will help you protect against STIs.

2-Female Condoms

Female condoms are the flexible, thin, plastic-made type that you will insert partially into the vagina before vaginal sex to create a barrier. Female condoms also help against STDs and other sexual infections. These condoms are approximately eighty percent effective and useful.

Due to their use, they are also called internal condoms. These condoms are soft, loose-fitting pouches with a ring attached to each end. One ring is small, while the other is a little bigger. The small ring is inserted into the vagina to keep the female condom in place. While the big one stays outside of the vagina, this ring keeps the condom in place and is used to remove the condom after sex. Female condoms can be used both during vaginal and anal sex.

The same applies to female condoms that apply to male condoms. The female condoms are made of latex, so it is useful for those who have allergies to rubber latex. Female condoms also come pre-lubricated with silicone-based lubrication.

Other methods of birth control work well to prevent pregnancy, but they did not prevent STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

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It is another option to prevent birth control. There is also a non-prescription option to use. It is a little piece of spermicide containing foam. This piece you place inside your vagina before sex. It is about eighty-four percent effective. You can also use other spermicides like creams, gels, or foams for birth control.

Other Barrier Options 

Other few options such as 

Cervical Cap


Cervical Shield

Are available on prescription only because they have to be placed by an experienced doctor or physician. These are rubber or silicon mad barriers that place the vagina far up, but their effectiveness to prevent pregnancy is about ninety percent.

Hormonal Ways of Birth Control

Birth control pills, patches, shots, implants, and insertable vaginal rings are included in hormonal birth control. They are not available without a prescription, and you need a doctor’s prescription to buy them. Because many conditions apply to the use. If you have any medical issues your doctor may not recommend this method of birth control.

These products contain the hormones the same as in your body. These hormones stop ovaries to release the egg so sperm cannot fertilize it.

Working depends on how you use it, it is a difficult procedure and most people can not use them perfectly and results did not come properly.

The hormonal method is about ninety percent effective for birth control. But if you use it correctly it can prevent pregnancy by more than ninety-nine percent.

Never use these methods on your own, always talk to your doctor before taking any pill or using a patch. Also, ask your doctor the way of use and the period of its usage.  

Vaginal Contraception

Vaginal contraception is used to insert into the vagina before sex to create a dangerous environment for sperms that kill them before reaching the egg. There are several types of vaginal contraceptives. Such as

  • Jelly
  • Foam
  • Tablet
  • Cream
  • Dissolvable films
  • Suppository

These products contain spermicide agents that kill sperm, you can buy these products without a doctor’s prescription. They are most efficient if used with a combination of condoms.

Phoenix is a non-hormonal gel that is produced according to the vaginal environment. Vagina’s PH level increases during sex that helps sperms to travel toward the reproductive area canal. This keeps the level of vagina PH at its normal condition, which kills the sperm in acids. It is very effective but maybe you need a prescription to buy it because doctors first check your vaginal health condition and then write it for you.

Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

These are small plastic-made devices, these devices inserted into your vagina. This procedure is done by a nurse or doctor, it is a simple and fast process, this procedure is a little bit uncomfortable, but it keeps you from pregnancy for long periods.

There are different types of IUDs, they are good for three to five years. Copper-T uses copper that is very good to kill sperms and can last for more than ten years. This type is very effective to prevent birth control; it is about 99.5% effective.

Emergency Contraception

It is not a form of regular birth is used in an emergency; it is used after unprotected sex, or if the condom has a breakdown. It only prevents pregnancy for three to five days after sex. It is better to take it as soon as possible.

These products also name morning-after pills. Copper-T also works as emergency contraception. If you have copper-T but did not use a condom during sex for any reason, then it is ok you no need to worry. It is more effective than emergency or morning-after pills. A doctor or nurse can place it into your vagina. If a woman is overweight and does not want to be pregnant due to medical health complications, should consider copper-T. Because the morning-after pills lose their effectiveness after a while and continued use.

There are different types of emergency contraception pills. The most common types of emergency contraception pills are three. You can get some of them without a prescription and some on a doctor’s prescription. But you should be over the age of 17 to buy them. The usage is normally written on the label and packet, which is one pill to two pills. These pills have a hormone called levonorgestrel.

Birth control pills also work as emergency contraception, but you have to use more than two pills to keep you away from pregnancy. Sometimes it works but sometimes it does not. These also have side effects, so be careful while using these products. These pills can cause nausea. That’s why these pills need a prescription to buy. 

Some Tips for Using Birth Control

You should follow these things if you want your birth control to work

Prepared for Yourself 

It should be easy to use for you.

Check Expiry date

All types of birth control products such as condoms, which are made of latex or plastic can break down over time. The effectiveness of pills decreases over time. You cannot rely on an over dated expired birth control product. Always check the date when purchasing any type of birth control product.


Many natural factors can damage the products, such as light and heat. Never store condoms in your wallet, car, or glove for more than a month. Try to purchase condoms on the spot, the same day, or two to three days of having sex.

Follow directions

Always follow the directions of use written on the packaging of birth control products. In the warm movement while you are in the sexual moment you can not read or wait to read the instructions. So it is better to read them in advance.

Be Careful 

Be very careful when opening the condom because it can break or tear the condom, do not use your nails, teeth, or scissors to open the condom wrapper.

Size Matter

Always use a condom of the right size, a too big or too small condom may not work properly. See your doctor if you have erectile dysfunction.

Use Condoms Correctly

Read the instructions about using the condom correctly. Unroll the condom the right way. Holding the tip of the condom to prevent air bubbles or space forming can cause condom breakage.


If the vagina does not have enough lubricant then you should use a lubricant. because it lowers the risk of tearing the condom. Naver uses oil-based lubricants. Only use water-based lubricants 

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Permanent Birth Control Solution

If you do not want to have children or conceive in the future, there are many ways to control birth permanently. All of them are up to a hundred percent effective.

For Women

For women, tubal ligation is done through general anesthesia. In this process, doctors close the fallopian tubes to prevent eggs from reaching the ovaries. This procedure is also called having tubes tied.

For Men

Vasectomy is a permanent birth control option for men. In this procedure, doctors interrupt the tube through which sperm go into siemens.