blood sugar and covid
blood sugar and covid 19

According to an article published in the IDF on 03/11/2020, when diabetic patients are infected with covid 19, it’s difficult to treat them due to the high fluctuation of blood glucose levels and other diabetic complications.

But in some research, some observe that a glucose algorithm is helping to fight the virus and the complication of viral infection.

As the coronavirus continues to rise in the US, scientists and researchers are examining different sides of the virus and its effects on the human body, especially in people already infected with other diseases.

Clinical Observations

After so much research on COVID-19 patients with high blood sugar and low blood sugar, with severe hyperglycemia, they published an article on Diabetes that said that high blood sugar levels can trigger worse outcomes in people who contracted this viral infection.

People who have been infected by COVID-19 may also be at risk of being hiding in an uncommon disease, such as kidney problems, high blood pressure, and other health-related problems. Researchers have developed many management tools that can reduce risk. There are also many reliable products available. This can help prevent and fight blood sugar.

COVID-19 affects respiratory dysfunction more than other bodily functions. According to some observations and primary results, diabetic patients worsened health conditions after being infected with COVID-19


Dr. Rodica Pop-Busui, Professor of Diabetes at Harry D. Soderquist and Vice-chairperson of the Department of Internal Medicine, says: Diabetic and hyperglycemia have a low-grade inflammatory nature that helps surgery for the inflammatory virus that causes resistance to insulin and high blood sugar levels.

She said: “This inflammation triggers the abnormal immune response that affects the rest of the cells of the body instead of attacking viruses that cause a rapid deterioration in our health condition.”

Patients are on kidney replacement therapy or at high risk because of the virus because of medications known as vasopressors or steroids to stop dangerous low blood pressure or combat respiratory distress syndrome.

Because of all these complications, blood sugar control becomes more difficult, but there is a proven way to control blood sugar that works very well.

How to fix the problem

One way needs to be found to monitor diabetes in patients infected with the virus without wearing PPE all the time and preventing healthcare providers from contracting the virus as much as possible.

Normally, the glucose monitor cannot be helpful because a patient with low blood pressure uses blood pressure medications that can falsely raise the level of diabetes. Under the new system, the incline will be delivered every six hours and the sugar reading will be recorded at the same time.

Insulin infusion is an option for patients with high blood sugar levels until the sugar level drops to the normal range.

According to Dr. By controlling blood sugar, by improving our immune system, we can reduce the risk of other related diseases, such as kidney problems, which can shorten the ICU stay and reduce the need for ventilators.