Covid-19 updates: Schools can be reopened safely while the UK mutant Virus reached 25 states.

Covid-19 updates Schools can be reopened safely while the UK mutant Virus reached 25 states.
Till the last updates, the coronavirus has killed more than 425,000 citizens of the United States. And continuously infecting people despite the introduction of vaccines in lat 2020. As published in the USAToday on Jan 27. This week more and more students will go back to school. There are various pieces of evidence from...

US Surpasses 400,000 Deaths by COVID-19: Experts Says “ Blood on Trump administration Hands” they loss lives that were “preventable”

Trump is the only American president in the history of America who has more than 400.000 deaths during his tenure. This stain will remain with the name of Donald Trump. The world’s largest administration has managed during the Covid-19 pandemic after crossing the dull vestibule on Tuesday. According to the dashboard of Johns Hopkins University, the...

COVID19: Sexual Health and Men’s Libido During Pandemic

With the increasing death rate due to covid 19 around the world. Everyone is very curious about the health-related problems associated with coronavirus. However, COVID-19 or coronavirus is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD). But still, you can get infected with the virus if you have physical contact with the person who has been infected...

COVID-19: Lockdown and Holidays can Spike Food Allergies

With the surge of coronavirus in the USA, many states have announced lockdowns to cope with the COVID-19. People have stuck in their houses and children and adults facing many difficulties and health issues. Food allergy is one of them. What is a Food Allergy? Food...

COVID-19:Walk More, Sit Less, an Advice for Heart Patients

Coronavirus is at its peak and a large number of people are passing on around the globe and in the United States of America. The Covid has influenced pretty much every country on the planet and individuals, everything being equal, yet people with cardiovascular illness are chiefly influenced by the infection. 

COVID-19: How Much Exercise You Should get, New Guidelines by WHO

Exercise during Pandemic
Exercise is a miraculous cure, but we always neglected it as our essential dose. That’s why our health is now facing consequences. There is strong scientific evidence that whatever your age, gender, or health condition. Exercise helps to be a physically active, healthier, and happier life.

Tips for Healthy Diet during COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine

Healthy Diet-tips
As we are going through the second wave of the covid 19 pandemics, which causing lockdowns all over the world. Along with many challenges healthy eating or healthy diet during the coronavirus pandemic has its many challenges. During a stay at home, with the family, we often purchase more...

COVID-19 and Pregnancy: What are the risks?

With the surge of COVID-19 cases, many related issues arise like what will happen if you are pregnant, recently given birth to a baby, or breastfeeding, you must be concerned about the viral effects on you and your baby. According to an article of MAYO clinic published on Nov. 05, 2020

COVID-19: Ketogenic Diet Could Be Beneficial to Elderly Patients

According to a study by researchers and experts at Yale School of Medicine, WUS (Washington University School of Medicine), and New York University Langone Health (NYU). Found that the keto diet (ketogenic Diet / low carbohydrate and high-fat diet) is very helpful for reducing clinical outcomes of COVID-19 elderly patients because it...

COVID-19: High Blood Cholesterol Level Abnormalities and Diabetes

Cholesterol is a wax type of substance produced by the body and also found in animal-based foods like meat. A group of fat known as lipoproteins describe blood cholesterol level, there are two types of cholesterol. Good Cholesterol Gorp of fat includes HDL-C is called...


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