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COVID-19: How Much Exercise You Should get, New Guidelines by WHO

Exercise during Pandemic
Exercise is a miraculous cure, but we always neglected it as our essential dose. That’s why our health is now facing consequences. There is strong scientific evidence that whatever your age, gender, or health condition. Exercise helps to be a physically active, healthier, and happier life.

No More Fragile Nails: Top Ten Best Nail Strengtheners

There are many things that make your nails dry, brittle, and break them. Probably you do pedicure and put a manicure get on them. Your hand’s skin is entirely different from your nails so you should care theme differently. There are many things that affect nail health such as medical conditions and environmental situations. Same...

Get in Shape during Pandemic Lockdowns

get in shape during pandemic
As published in a New York Times article on Oct. 13, 2020. During pandemic lockdowns in which many people gained weight, others have used it as an opportunity to change their personality by changing their eating and exercising routine. According to a June survey of 2,000 American adults by...

COVID-19: Link Between Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases
As we are going through the second wave of COVID-19, it is very important to take care of ourselves and others. The chances of getting infected with the virus increase if someone already has any health issues, especially if it is related to Blood like blood sugar or heart problems (cardiovascular issues).

Top 10 Best Weight and Mass Gainer Supplements of 2021

Top 10 Best Weight and Mass Gainer Supplements of 2021
Though many people are struggling to lose weight, others are trying to gain weight, want to look more muscular and powerful by increasing athletic performance. There could be several reasons, the basic foundation of gaining weight is consuming more calories than your daily requirements. Some people eat enough to gain weight and mass butt did...

What are Kidney Stones? Symptoms of Kidney Stone and its Treatment

What are Kidney Stones Symptoms of Kidney Stone and its Treatment.
The hard pebble-like objects that form in your kidneys due to several reasons are called kidney stones. What Are Kidney Stones? The kidney stones are made of mineral sand salts, sometime the doctors also named them different names such as Nephrolithiasis Renal calculi Urolithiasis What is the Size of Kidney Stones? Kidney stones are normally small in a...

10 Foods Should to Eat on a Ketogenic Diet

An Overview On Ketogenic Diet Foods Benefits in Detail Symptoms: The ketogenic diet has become quite popular recently. The research studies have found that this is very low carb, high fat diet is effective for weight loss tips, epilepsy, and diabetes. There is also early claim to show that it may be very beneficial for certain types...

COVID-19 Pandemic: Some Important Skin Care Guidelines

skin care during covid 19
The coronavirus has brought many challenges for us, there are many health issues related to COVID-19 and different organs. Skin is the biggest organ of our body and front-line soldiers fight for our health against different infections and external harmful factors. As reported in an article on the website...

What is Knee pain, Anatomy of Knee and Causes of knee Pain

What is Knee pain, Anatomy of Knee and Causes of knee Pain
The most common musculoskeletal problems and complaints come to the doctors is Knee pain. Knee problems are increasing due to the increasingly active society of today. There are different and various treatments and causes of knee pain. Anatomy of the Knee The main function of the knee is bending, bear the body weight, and straighten the...

Blood Sugar and Covid-19

blood sugar and covid
According to an article published in the IDF on 03/11/2020, when diabetic patients are infected with covid 19, it's difficult to treat them due to the high fluctuation of blood glucose levels and other diabetic complications. But in some research, some observe that a glucose algorithm is helping to...


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