Coronavirus updates: More than 17% of US Papulation has Infected with the COVID-19

The deadly virus has killed about 417000 Americans in just one year and it has not stopped yet and continuously growing and people are getting infected with the virus. Even after induction of the vaccine the virus has not stopped. 

The covid-19 has infected up to 17% of people of the united state of America according to an article of USAToday on 23 January 2021. The data is gathered and evaluated by the researchers of the university of Washington.

According to the researches and current data, at least 7 percent of the American population tested positive for the coronavirus. But according to the institute for well-being metrics and evaluation these testings did not all the cases today in the country.

The model was updated on Friday, showed a shocking estimate that about 1680000 death by coronavirus is expected before may. That will make the total number of deaths 569000. And during this period the hospitals of all states will have a high stress on their hospitals, among them 46 will have extreme stress on their ICUs. other 40 states will face a very critical condition according to this model.  

Public awareness can reduce health precautions will help to decrease and lower the devastating projection of the model. If everyone takes responsibility and wears a mask, keep a reasonable distance, and wash hands repeatedly can help to lower the death rate due to coronavirus, according to the model estimates.

The surging of covid-19 is hurting a lot of Americans and America. We already have 400,000 deaths and expecting this number can reach up to 600,000. According to president Joe Biden, “the bottom line is this. We are in a national emergency”.

The most well know host of the talk show, Larry King, was 87, was died on Saturday. He was hospitalized due to the deadly novel virus. A coordinator for the white house dr. Deborah Brix, who was working with President Donald Trump said in an interview to CBS, that she always thought of quitting the job, said she thinks why she put herself in danger every day because she was working in the white house coronavirus task force.

Just one year ago, Wuhan declared locked down to slow the extent of the virus for 76 days. After a year. This lockdown has covered all over the world and almost all homeland has a lockdown. But the coronavirus is not stopped yet and residents of hong kong are now at their homes, while since last march England is under lockdown.

Till now about 5 percent of Americans have received the shot of covid-19 at least once. And about 0.8 percent of the Americans have both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. While still, 52 percent of the stock has not used yet has distributed. Ten percent of residents of Alaska have received their first dose of the vaccine which is the highest rate in any state of the united state.

According to the CDC ( the centers for disease control and prevention) announced a second dose of the vaccine can be taken after six weeks after the first shot.

Boris Johnson prime minister of Britain said that the new mutant coronavirus can be deadlier than the previous one, which needs more precautions. This new variant covid virus was first found in southeast England.

About thirty-eighth police officers of the US Capital police are tested positive since January. Hundred national guards who were in the Washington d.c. have also tested positive as shown in the reports from the five outlets. 

Everyone should play his role to overcome this pandemic to save themselves and the loved ones. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and do not go out without any necessary need.