Cholesterol is a wax type of substance produced by the body and also found in animal-based foods like meat. A group of fat known as lipoproteins describe blood cholesterol level, there are two types of cholesterol.

Good Cholesterol

Gorp of fat includes HDL-C is called good fat, which is good and important for overall health, but extra or high levels are still harmful to health. These fats can block arteries.

Bad Cholesterol

The fats containing LDL-C are named bad cholesterol; it contributes to increasing or developing cardiovascular disease, these diseases are the primary reason for premature deaths in the US and all over the world.

High Cholesterol in the United States

As published on the website of CDC on September 8, 2020. According to some researches, from 2015 to 2016 there were more than 12% of adults age 20 and above had high cholesterol levels, and over 18% of adults had lipoprotein in high density.

55% of adults of US adults of age 20 which is half papulation of us were getting benefit from the medicine which they were taking for cholesterol level, they have high cholesterol level more than 200mg/dl, while about 29 millions of them have cholesterol level higher than 240mg/dl.

It does not end here, 7% of children and adolescents between ages 6 and 19 also have high cholesterol levels.

Symptoms of High Cholesterol 

It did not have any symptoms, even people do not know that they have a high cholesterol level, the only way to know about cholesterol level is a simple blood test.

Risks of high blood cholesterol level 

There many health issues related to high blood cholesterol. Heart disease is one of the major diseases, which is the leading cause of fatal because cholesterol blocks arteries which cause stroke which fifth major cause of death in the United States.

Diabetes and Cholesterol (Diabetic Dyslipidemia)

Diabetes lowers good cholesterol and increases bad cholesterol levels which are also known as triglycerides, it increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases like stroke and other heart diseases. This condition is called Diabetic dyslipidemia.

It means your lipid profile is not going in the right direction. This combination is very deadly, which puts patients at risk of premature atherosclerosis and heart diseases. 

There is a link between the resistance of insulin and diabetic dyslipidemia, blood vessel diseases, and atherosclerosis, this issue can be developed even before the diagnosis of diabetes.

Covid 19 and high cholesterol 

With the surge of COVID-19 cases in the world and in the US, the death rate is also increased. The coronavirus is notably selective for those who are infected with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, smoking, Alzheimer’s, and the elderly.

Cholesterol is found in membranes of the human body in the form of insoluble eukaryotic lipid, it accumulates in the tissue with time and age. As published in a report of NCBI

Chronic diseases and inflammation cause loading cholesterol into macrophage tissues which are associated with lung infections and lung diseases.it is not known the sensitivity of infection to cholesterol how much contributes to viral infectivity in young and old or the people who already infected by the disease. High cholesterol increases with age and diabetes and coronavirus can cause serious problems and issues,


As prevention from serious conditions, control your Blood Cholesterol level and blood sugar level during this pandemic, you can use world famous while following the SOPs of COVID-19, talk to your doctor if you find any serious symptoms, wear a mask before going outside, avoid unnecessary gathering, do daily exercise, follow the good diet plan if you are overweight, keto diet plan can help you to cope with obesity, keep yourself physically active.