Diabetes and Coronavirus
Diabetes and Coronavirus

With the surge in coronavirus cases in the USA and all over the world, there are several kinds of research done, which shows that different people have been affected by the epidemic in different ways. According to researchers and some data, the people affected with diabetes are at higher risk to get infected with COVID-19 than the other healthy people. As published on the website of Diabetes organization of US

People with different types of diabetes can face more health problems and worse complications if they get infected with the virus. Many other health conditions also contribute like diabetes and heart disease can add the risk of getting serious complications from the coronavirus. Old age people are also at high risk of getting the virus.

With the increasing rate of virus spread in the US and all over the world, the death rate is also increasing.

Diabetes and the Complications of COVID-19

With diabetes, people can experience serious complications from the virus. But if diabetes is well managed, then the chances of getting complications from the virus are lower. But having heart disease or other problems can create serious complications by this virus, like other infections. Because there is over one problem then it will be hard for your body to fight the attacking diseases like coronavirus infections.

Inflammation and internal swelling can be increased through viral infections in people with diabetes problems. the COVID-19 viral infection that can cause high blood sugar, contributes to more serious complications

Risks Different for Different Diabetes 

According to the experts, people with any kind of health problems, including people with type 2 diabetes, are also at high risk of severe illness from the virus of COVID-19.

But people with type 1 diabetes conditions are at higher risk. COVID-19 is a new disease, and the medical expert does not yet know about the severity of viral infections in different patients. Different people have different effects on coronavirus, but the risk of getting affected by the virus is more in diabetic people than in healthy people, so prevention is better than cure.

Diabetic ketoacidosis and COVID-19

If a diabetic patient gets infected with a viral infection, then the chances of increased risk of DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis), most people with type 1 diabetes, face this condition.

Diabetic ketoacidosis is a condition in which managing electrolyte levels becomes a challenge which is very important to control sepsis. Sepsis is the complications that come with the viral infection of COVID-19

COVID-19 Causes Diabetes.

There is no such research, reports, or evidence which show that COVID-19 can be a cause or contribute to diabetes 


If you feel that you have symptoms of the covid, virus, Call your doctor immediately and keep these things with you when you call your doctor 

  • Ensure you have your ketones measured
  • You should have your glucose readings ready.
  • Please mention the specific symptoms you are experiencing (for example, nausea? A stuffy nose?)
  • Increase your fluid consumption. Stop alcohol consumption
  • Ask your doctor about managing diabetes 

Emergency Warning Signs

If you have emergency warning signs of COVID-19, get medical help immediately. Some emergency warning signs are.

  • Continued pressure or pain in the chest
  • Additional confusion
  • Difficulty breathing or breath shortness 
  • Blush face and lips 
  • Inability to wake or stay awake