It is a big concern among pregnant women, they are not sure about getting the vaccine because there is not enough data about the vaccine reaction in pregnant women, and there are not many guidelines from health agencies about this concern.

The nation’s leading infection disease expert Dr.Anthony Fauci said that more than 10,000 pregnant women vaccinated in the united state of America after the authorization of two vaccines by the Food and Drug Administration, and there are not any kind of complications are reported.

He said that we had vaccinated a lot of pregnant women. It is allowed by FDA and we are following the instructions. During a roundtable media talk at the IAS covid-19 conference. He added that although we do not have enough data on it and the available data that has collected has not any red flags.

The vaccination to the mother is depending on the health and advice of the health care provider’s decision and the agency is sticking with these recommendations said Fauci on Monday.

The pregnant women who decide to get vaccination the US Food and Drug authority should be made the vaccine available for them. Said the experts of the  American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

The recent updates by the WHO ( the World Health Organization) seem to contradict US organizations and agencies that were released on Friday. According to the WHO guidelines, the pregnant women only vaccinated if she is at high risk of exposure to the coronavirus. Such as women have medical conditions that put them at risk or women working in health care departments.

Dr.Chrisophar Zahn the vice president of ACOG, there is a conflict in the recommendation by WHO which is making decisions difficult for pregnant women about whether to get vaccinated or not.

He said that there is not so much safety data available about the vaccination effects on pregnant women and the data only available from animal studies that show that there should be no harmful effects of vaccines on mother, female reproduction, or the health of the fetus.

Two vaccines Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccines that do not contain live viruses that could make them sick. The vaccines contain mRNA which is a genetic code to instruct the cells to produce so-called protein triggering which is an immune response and they do not enter the nucleus and did not do any genetic changes.

He also added that everyone should make a careful decision for themselves, in conjunction with their doctors and health care providers. according to the information that is available till now.

The main reason for the unavailability of data because that pregnant women were excluded from the trial of the Moderna vaccine and Pfizer vaccines. A handful of research and studies have shown the dangers of coronavirus on pregnant women when data on the vaccine was scant.

According to the researches and study published by CDC in November, pregnant women aged between 35 to 44 years old having positive coronavirus were about four times require ventilation and twice in number die as likely than were non-pregnant women of the same criteria.

In other studies by the UUH (the university of Utah Health, the pregnant women with positive covid-19 are at a high risk of death and having severe pregnancy complications than the non-pregnant women of the same age who had mild or light symptoms of the coronavirus.

It has become a puzzle for women whether they should take the vaccine during pregnancy while there is not much data available. According to the Dr.Torri Mets the author and specialist of maternal-fetal medicine and associate professor at the UUH (the university of the Utah Health)