COVID-19 Is it OK to Reopen the Colleges while the Pandemic is Raging
COVID-19 Is it OK to Reopen the Colleges while the Pandemic is Raging

University of the states had given many months planning to resume the campus. And only a few days are left in the fall semester. On the other hand, the cases of Coronavirus are exploding. The new testing method has shown that many students had COVID-19. The authorities have done thousands of tests by using the new testing system in which a spit is used to confirm the infection which is very easy and faster than an invasive nasal swab test.

After appearing so many cases the Chancellor Robert J. decided to lock down the campus and ask them to attend classes online from home. After doing millions of tests. The positivity rate was fell down and at the end of the semester, the percentage was half.

Mr. Martin Burke an official and leader of the university’s virus response. That they have learned a lot from previous experience too much and we know what works and what did not work. And our example can inspire others to achieve some important and necessary activities during this hard and tough situation.

But the main problem is that not every college has resources, they can only hope that lessons from previous fall experience will help to get a better position for the upcoming spring semester. As everybody knows that winter surge has pushed the number up to 400000 deaths in America. The vaccine has rollout and slower the anticipation.

Students can be at higher risk after returning to the colleges. Because they are approaching from different neighborhoods. Where research has suggested a great outbreak in college towns. But the colleges are pushing and looking forward to reopening. They have high tasks like enrollment for last semester and the low income by services of campus dining and housing and devastating the schools that need and depend on the money. And the colleges are facing severe economic conditions.

Reopening now becomes a need and most of the administrators are talking about it. They talk about the cons and pros of reopening colleges.

Can colleges spread coronavirus? 

Health experts and health advisors are fearing that a new semester can exhilarate the surge of viruses and make the pandemic worse.

According to Dr.Gavin Yamey, the reopening of universities and colleges will bring back all the students from different towns and communities and the US is currently in the extreme phase of a pandemic. It could be too risky for the lives of people and the students. He said we should wait for some time to be secure and safe from the deadly virus.