Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases
Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases

As we are going through the second wave of COVID-19, it is very important to take care of ourselves and others. The chances of getting infected with the virus increase if someone already has any health issues, especially if it is related to Blood like blood sugar or heart problems (cardiovascular issues).

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Issues 

According to an article published on Medical News Today on November 20, 2020. Researchers have found there is a complex link between cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2 even in people with controlled diabetes and cardiovascular factors.

Scientists studies that there is a link between cardiovascular problems and blood sugar, which means if someone has one of these issues he can become a victim of the other one.

The researchers published the research in the journal Circulation, and in this post, the researchers suggest that if diabetes is controlled at an early stage, then the chances of cardiovascular can be reduced significantly and mortality can also be controlled.

Heart and Blood Sugar Syndrome Type 2

One in ten people in the US has a blood sugar of different types,90 to 95% of those who have diabetes type 2, according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

The pancreas is responsible for producing insulin, which converts sugar to glucose and enables it to enter the cells of the body through the bloodstream, but the cells of the person infected with blood sugar syndrome type 2 did not react to the insulin in the proper way.

For that, the sugar remains in the bloodstream because the cells did not absorb it because of diabetes, and the sugar level increases to a dangerous level, which can cause kidney disease, vision loss, heart, and other cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular Diseases Can Be Fatal

According to researchers, while a person has type 2 diabetes, it increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases that can be fatal and non-fatal.

People who control their blood sugar levels are less likely to be affected by common cardiovascular risk factors such as heart stroke, heart attack, and heart failure. 

Cardiovascular diseases can attack a person with high blood sugar levels, including high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, obesity, low physical activity, unhealthy diet, and blood sugar, according to CDC


People who manage their cardiovascular diseases could be completely safe from diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases if they continue to manage their existing diabetes type 2, blood sugar level, and cardiovascular diseases, 

According to studies, Swedish people are less affected than the people of the USA or the UK. The death rate can increase if both diabetes and cardiovascular issues come together with Coronavirus, which is the primary reason for a large number of deaths in the USA and other countries.

During the pandemic lockdown, it is necessary to take care of your health, by adopting self-hygiene and a healthy lifestyle, if you have some extra pounds try to get rid of it, you can try the keto diet plan which is very helpful for people with high obesity levels,

Do regular exercise, follow the instructions of your doctor, keep your blood level balance, try to avoid extra consumption of alcohol, and try to quit smoking, which are also some high cardiovascular risk factors