COVID-19 More than 1K Troops Helping Vaccine Distribution
COVID-19 More than 1K Troops Helping Vaccine Distribution

Mr.Andy Slavitt a senior COVID-19 advisor at the White House announced on Friday. That more than 1000 troops will start supporting vaccination sites all over the USA. and begin from California this month.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin OK’ed the troops to move and the mission in California will begin within a week said the Slavitt. As published on US Today.

The US government will support more than six organizations to do a home test of coronavirus that will reach up to sixty million by the end of summer. Announced by the White house COVID -19 response team on Friday.

Through the Defence Production Act, the Government wants to boost at home covid testing. The announcement was made on Monday tath the government will get help from the military and help boost production from Ellume an Australian company that will provide the US about 8.5 million at-home test kits. Said the Tim.

Manning also said that the country will do everything possible to curb the virus and what they need to be in testing. He announced that they will invoke the Defense Production Act to support the program and manufacturing of coronavirus vaccine and medical gloves for health care workers and doctors.

To date, the COVID-19 has killed more than 457,000 citizens of America and infection is did not stop spreading. In presence of two vaccines lat in 2020. In another estimate, about 631,000 Americans will die from the coronavirus by June. According to the institute of health metrics and evaluation of UW.

There is a proposal of sending masks to all Americans and the white house is studying this proposal. It was considered by the Trump administration but did not discard. There are many options on the table to protect people from the coronavirus and encourage them to wear masks. But there is not any decision has been made on the idea and other like that. According to Jen  Psaki, the press secretary of the White House said on Thursday. 

The Johnson & Johnson application for authorization for coronavirus vaccine will be view in the FDA’s advisory committee on Feb 26, it was announced on Thursday.

Bad paperwork in Indiana led the US to announce a record death number of 4941 by coronavirus on Thursday. It was worse than the previous record. According to the US Today news.

Iowa Governor Lifting Mask Requirements

Mr.Kim Reynolds the governor of Lowa will lift the mask requirements on Sunday. While social distance and other limitations will be in place for social gatherings and businesses.

Announced on Friday the latest covid emergency proclamation and will effective from Sunday. She strongly encourages the people of Iowa, businesses, and other companies and organizations to take the responsibility of public heal with the guidance of the Iowa department of public health, said the spokesperson Mr. pat Garrett.

The government has required all citizens of two years old and above to wear masks. If they were indoors and spent more than fifteen minutes out of their households and did not maintain a social distance of six feet. There were several exceptions to the rule. First, the law was to keep distance between the groups at restaurants, bars, casinos, gyms, fitness centers, and other gathering places. As well as all types of social gatherings and sports events in the state.