COVID-19 Texas Now Have 3 New Mass Vaccination Sites
COVID-19 Texas Now Have 3 New Mass Vaccination Sites

White house announced new Mass vaccinations sites at the texas stadium. Which will cover the total 10,000 shots daily . the sites int eh Arlington, Dallas and houston will take care of local health officials with the help of federal troops from 22 feb.

It was anouced after the national football league said it will work with the public health officials and allow them to use staduim for mass vaccination program

CDC reported on Wednesday that we can decrease the spread of coronavirus by wearing tight fitting masks or doubling the mask, it could be a crucial defense agaist surge of new coronavirus variants.

As published an article on the website of US Today. During tests on dummies. Double masks and tight masks show good results. And potentially decreased by more than 90 percent.

According to the head of the centers for disease control and prevention Dr.Rochelle Walensky, still the death rate and cases hospitalizations are very high.he said in a briefing at whit house about coronavirus. It is not the time to roll back the requirements of masks.

The white house coordinator Jeff Zients toled to press that they are planing to open new mass sites similar to texas in other area of the country to curb the coronavirus.

The investitating of a massive counterfeit N95 Masks is on the way by federal authorities in wich fack 3M masks were soled to the hospitals in price of N95 masks. These masks were supplied to the hospitals, governement agencies and medical facilites. These are foreign made masks are difficalet to spot and has put the health care workers at high risk of the coronavius. These masks are fake and give false sense of security according to mr. Steve an investigator at Homeland Security Department.

In an survey about one in three people said that they will definitely or probably not get vaccine. According to some esports it is a discouraging news while US hopes to achieve immunity and vanish the outbreak. This survey was done by NORC press Center for Public Affairs Research that about 67 percent of the americans are planning to tget vaccinated  or already got vaccinated.some people expressed doubts about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

Till now more than twenty thousand pregnant women have vaccinated without any side effects so far. Accordingt Dr. Anthoney Fauci the chief medical adviser to joe biden president of united states of america.

He said that pregnant women and children were not included in the initial trails for the coronavirus.but they are keeping a deep look upon them and focusing to ensure the safety and effectiveness on this group.

Most of the american believe that they may return to the pre coronavirus life. Because the number of cases is started decreasing.

In Europ an oldest nun of age 117 years survived from covid-19. She was tested positve to cronavirus in jan. but she did not develop any kind of symptoms. Even she did not realize that she had coronavirus. She was isolated , but now she is fully recovered.