Eye Bags treatment and cure
Eye Bages Treatment

With the coming of COVID-19 pandemics, lockdowns, and strictness, the face is mostly covered with masks and our eyes are the focus and a way to express our beauty. And the eyes are now named “the new Lips”. People are now searching the net and consulting doctors more about their eyes than any part of their body. As published on Vouge at 9 AUGUST 2020. According to Dr. Jana Vogt, a plastic surgeon at Mallucci, London. the focus has now moved from mouth to eye.

It is natural to have puffiness, fine lines, dark circles, and eye bags due to the business of these days and online working from home. There are many things you can do about brightening and firming the skin around and under your eyes.

At the same time, sagging skin and puffy eyes can be due to fatigue, allergies, sun damage, or dehydration. Here are some ways to tackle the eye problem which you can use during the lockdown, according to the experts. 

Choose the Right Concealer for You

Brighter eyes depend on a good skincare routine, according to Dowdall, skillful make-up can get instant gratification, color correcting can be helpful for darkness beneath eyes

 Improve Your Eating Habits

Your diet puts an effect on your overall health. According to Dr. Shah-Desai, dark circles can be caused by different types of minerals and nutrients. Ensure your diet includes vitamin B12 and other foods like poultry, red meat, seafood, spinach, raisins, and beans in your diet.

Drinking lots of water helps to remove the eye bags under the eyes and reducing salt intake along with less alcohol is helping to reduce the eye bags. Quitting smoking also helps to reduce eye bags. 

Consider Investing In An Eye Cream

Our skin is normally and naturally thinner and very fragile around our eyes, that’s why our eyes need more good care of them. Our eyes are a mirror of our health, showing signs of tiredness and fine lines” according to Dr. Warren Dowdall.

It cannot keep itself hydrated because of fewer oil glands, so it is good to use a wonderful product to nourish the area. Plexaderm is exactly designed to do that with vitamins and a deep hydrating ability to wake up call for the eyes. 

Try Radio Frequency.

The radiofrequency treatment process is also good for eye bag treatment, it is used to stimulate collagen and elastin and tighten the skin under the eyes. It also firms and smooth the skin it works well, but it is not as long-lasting as other physical products. 

Tear Through Fillers

It is also an effective way to treat under-eye skin problems like dark circles and under-eye bags; it is an injectable treatment. In this procedure, a filler is injected under the eyes. The treatment fills the hollowing skin with dark circles, smoothing the wrinkles. During the lockdown, the demand for treatment increased, but experts did not recommend it because of complications of the injectable technique. So it is better to use an external product rather than using any surgery type treatment.