COVID-19 UPDATE Johnson & Johnson Vaccine found Safe
COVID-19 UPDATE Johnson & Johnson Vaccine found Safe

Till the last update, more than 435,000 US residents have been killed with the COVID-19, and the surge of infections does not stop yet. A Couple of vaccines were introduced at the end of last year but the spread of the infection did not stop. 

A new vaccine was tested that is found safe and responsive against the Coronavirus. Johnson & Johnson’s one Shot vaccine found safe to use without any reaction and side effects. It is not authorized in the US as other vaccines already got authorization in the US. It shows very good results and effectiveness against the coronavirus which is a very severe disease.

On Friday Johnson & Johnson said that the data that has been collected in the trial in the United States and other seven different countries showed that the vaccine is 66 percent effective to prevent severe sickness by the coronavirus.

It is a one-shot vaccine, while the other two vaccines Moderna and Pfizer are two shot vaccines. This means you have to take two doses of these vaccines while the new vaccine is a single dose vaccine and you have to take only one dose of the vaccines. The other two vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer found 94 percent effective.

The gambling on one dose is certainly worthy said the chief researcher of johnson & Johnson Mr. Mathai Mammen. The new Johnson and johnson vaccine is a single-dose regimen. It can be explained as a game-changer in the struggle toward the fatal coronavirus. The major difference between this new vaccine and the old one is that you do not need to keep it in the freezer. So you can distribute it through a normal vaccine supply chain without making a new one and purchasing expensive equipment.

On the other hands the Novavax Maryland based firm showed its vaccine is safe and 90 percent effective against the covid-19



A freezer failed in storing vaccines in the Seattle hospital and the hospital rushed out of vaccines to many people in the middle of the night.

In response to new and more contagious mutant novel coronavirus, prime minister Justin announced strict restrictions on travelers, including mandatory quarantine for travelers in a hotel at their own expense on arriving in Canada, and stopped airline service between Canada and Mexico for all destinations till 30 April.

European Union’s drug authority regulates AstraZeneca’s vaccine for coronavirus on Friday for adults, ignoring the concerns that there is not much data available that prove that it is suitable for old people. The advisory committee of Germany’s vaccination said that the vaccine should only use for people aged between 18 to 64.

Andrew Cuomo announced on Friday that restaurants in New York City can resume indoor dining on 14 Feb. This decision reverses the indoor ban service that was placed on 11 Dec. and only 25 percent capacity was allowed in the bars and restaurants.

The federal emergency management agency requested the Pentagon for military troops to set up vaccination sites to 100 in the country.

It is confirmed that the South African Variant virus has reached the United States in Carolina, which raises concern about the fast spread of the more dangerous and contagious mutant viruses. The United States is tackling every case very sharply as we are still in the pandemic right now.

The office of the Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that as mayor clear in the last month that he is waiting his turn of vaccination, was vaccinated at the recommendation of medical personnel last week.