COVID-19 Updates AstraZeneca vaccine is less effective than first Touted
COVID-19 Updates AstraZeneca vaccine is less effective than first Touted

According to a report published in an article by US Today. The Vaccine from AstraZeneca is less effective than they told. On Wednesday evening AstraZeneca released an update on the trial of the COVID-19 vaccine. Showing that the vaccine is 76 percent effective instead of 79 percent which they claimed earlier.

AstraZeneca has developed this vaccine in collaboration with the scientists of OXford university. On Monday they released the data of 32 thousand people in the winter in Chile and Peru in the United States. 

According to the independent review committee which tested the results said that the data was not true and misleading because the data is only through 17th February. According to the data on that date, about 141 people were in the trial and had come down with the coronavirus. And most of them have received a dummy vaccine shot rather than an active vaccine.

Among those volunteers, the vaccine has shown only 79 percent effectiveness to prevent any symptoms of the coronavirus and a hundred percent effectiveness in preventing the severe type of disease and hospitalizations.

 In the updated details there is only a slightly different picture which contains 190 symptomatic cases. The vaccine prevented about 76% of cases after the second dose of the vaccine. And symptomatic diseases in two weeks. according to the updated reports.

It also prevents severe disease and hospitalizations by about 80 percent according to the reports. According to the company the eight people who got severe coronavirus had saline shot instead of vaccine shot.  There are about forty cases that have not yet been examined, so the current figures may change again slightly.

The United States of America has not yet approved the AstraZeneca vaccine so it is not available in the US. In the upcoming days, the company will forward its details to the food and drug administration to get clarification. 

According to the company, the updated numbers show the vaccine is effective enough to get the FDA approval.  According to the reports, the trial has shown the vaccine is very safe instead of the problem of blood clots in Europe in dozens among 20 million people who got the vaccination.

According to the European and British Drug authority and the WHO ( the world health organization) has determined this vaccine safe and good to use. 

The authorities and regulators are following the recipients of vaccines to make sure that they did not get the blood clot problem. This problem is not seen drawing the US trial.

There is no clear answer to the question of why the company presented incomplete information to the public and did not provide complete information. Which has figured out after a few weeks. 

Dr.Anthony speaking on Wednesday at the white house in a news conference, he is the top doctor of infectious disease asked the company why they put out the earlier data.

He also added that the company AstraZeneca disagreed with the reviews of an independent panel which is officially named Data and Safety Monitoring Board.