COVID-19 Updates Britain Going to Open for Concerts and sports events
COVID-19 Updates Britain Going to Open for Concerts and sports events

According to an article published on US Today. Britain planning to return to its normal life and going to open for live concerts and sports events soon. The vaccine rollout in the US envies the neighbors like Canada. 

The Canadians lamenting their vaccination program on social media. Because in the United States more than 30 percent of citizens have received their first dose of the vaccine while this ratio in Canada is only 12 percent. 

This thing has produced a slew of jealousy and very bad criticism from the citizens of Canada according to the writes of Tronto Star. 

Mr. Michelle Rempel Garner conservative member of the parliament of Canada tweeted that the US has opened up for vaccination appointments for adults of all ages. While the Oakland Zoo is planning to vaccinate its most at-risk animals this summer. 

She also added that most Americans above age 16 will get access to vaccines in the coming weeks. While in Canada the milestone is so far away. she also added that animals in the zoo of America may have access to the vaccine before many Canadian adults.

It is also very viral on social media that the US government is giving about four million shots while in Canada the number is very low which is 72 thousand. 

At Florida’s Disney Springs a man arrested for refusing a temperature test according to the police. And police also said that he can to left because he has spent 15000 dollars on his vacation tour.

Many jobless workers of the United State will enjoy the relief of federal tax. The government also planning to bring new bills for struggling Americans in few days. 

The Britain government will test different measures including coronavirus status certification next week to check whether they allow people to safely return to their normal lives or not. They will also check the possibility of allowing people to join the live concerts and sports events gatherings.

The health care officials of Mississippi encouraged people to get vaccination especially those who are above sixty-five years old and even those who are older than sixteen years old. If they will not get vaccination they can not go to the gathering of the church.

During the pandemic early days many companies shuttered temporarily and some give their employees an off day. While in the easter of 2021 some of the stores will remain open and then on Christmas and thanksgiving day. 

The vaccine helps to reduce the spread and transmission of the virus. But according to experts, people should still wear masks in public even if they vaccinated. 

The First Slogan of Kuwaiti Citizens Stirs Controversy in the Gulf

The foreign workers who power oil-rich tiny Kuwait, serve its people, and are about seventy percent of its population are struggling to get vaccinated. 

Kuwait is under fire for providing vaccination to its own people first unlike other gulf Arab states. Most of the laborers are from Pakistan, India, other Asian countries, Africa, and elsewhere. Who work in Kuwait and clean their homes, drive their cars, care for their children and bag their groceries and still not have a chance to get vaccinated soon. Most of them bearing the brunt of the pandemic. The authorities imposed lockdowns and breakdown of nationalities. 

According to Rohan Advani, Kuwait sees migrants as their root problem. They do not have any economic or political power and Kuwait’s nationals blame the foreigners for the main outlet of the problems.