According to an article published in US Today, studies have shown that Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody cocktail can reduce the risk of death and hospitalization from coronavirus in high-risk patients. The statement was released Tuesday by the pharmaceutical company.

Scientists have examined more than four thousand patients and discovered that two drugs combined with antibodies called REGE? N-Cov. Reduce the risk of death by up to 70 percent and hospitalization. And increase the recovery process by reducing the recovery time from 14 days to ten days.

Dr. Suraj said it is a landmark in the war against coronavirus. He is a trial investigator and chief of infectious diseases at HNM. the New Jersey-based Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck. He said that people who adopt REGEN-VOC recover very quickly compared to others.

The independent scientist has not yet verified or published the study results. Eli Lilly also announced earlier that this two-antibody treatment can reduce the risk of death and hospitalization in several patients.

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper eased many restrictions Tuesday that will allow many businesses to reopen as usual and allow capacity and more people to gather indoors and out. This relaxation will start from Friday. All sports bars and entertainment venues can serve up to 50 percent of the indoor capacity and up to 70 percent of the outdoor capacity. And the restriction of alcohol consumption in place will be completely removed.

To control the spring break crowds, Miami Beach plans to extend the state of emergency for the entertainment district. This new extension order may be announced on Thursday or Tuesday. This could last until April 13. Many people were arrested in Miami Beach due to violation of the lockdown rule and restrictions, including living during spring break.

For the first time in more than six months, the Navajo Nation reported zero new positive coronae cases and a zero-death rate on Monday, which is very good.

After much criticism, Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia will receive the first coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday. But he will be off-camera and not be in front of the public according to the spokesman for the president of Russia. Only 4.3 percent of people in Russia received the first dose of the vaccine, which is very low in number. The United States of America in the last week has reported 2927 new positive cases of variant coronavirus.

The report that was published on Tuesday shows that there are about 1143 new cases of variant coronavirus just in two days. Which made the total number of variant cases about 7782 cases of mutant coronavirus that can spread very fast and more easily. It can surpass all kinds of treatment and immune systems or both so all ages of people can pray easily.

The main increase in the number of cases is reported in Michigan’s areas. According to the CDC reported a new variant of coronavirus is in the state, some of them reported and some not. The new cases by variant are surging in the state which increases the pace of the spread of cases and even in those areas where the cases were declined.