As the pace of vaccinations continues, more and more people are getting vaccine doses according to some data and up to three million covid vaccine doses have been distributed across the nation. According to an article published on US Today.

According to a report, almost one-third of adults in the United States and one-quarter of the entire population of the United States has received one dose of the vaccine, this data was issued by the centers for disease control and prevention.

There is also a warning issued by the director of the CDC that data also showing that cases of new coronavirus and hospitalization are increasing in the upper Midwest and Northeast.

The cases declined in the month of January and the level of hospitalization decreased. She said that she considered it very concerning.

As people are not wearing masks that could surge in covid cases, people should keep wearing masks and keep social distancing and adhere to other necessary restrictions to prevent themselves from covid 19.

We should believe that we are going to return to our daily routine again and we are going to spend our time with our families again. For that, we must follow the instructions of public health officials.

Vladimir Putin the president of Russia is criticized for failing to get vaccinated for coronavirus. It is causing hesitancy in getting the vaccine in the country. According to the report, only 4.3 percent of Russian people got their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Florida has become the first state that has more than 1000 cases of known variant coronavirus. The United State of America reported on Sunday new 834 cases of the mutant covid virus. So the total number of cases reached up to 6638 cases. and 6400 were by the B.1.1.7 type. That was first found in Britain. 

After new guidelines from the CDC, the students in California started sitting at a distance of three feet instead of six feet in the classrooms. 

The American people are blaming the Asian American people for the spread of Coronavirus and the epidemic. The ratio of people who blame Asian American people is 1 in 4. The survey was done after an incident in Georgia shooting off eight people and six of them were women and all of them were Asian American.

Kamala Harris the vice president of Florida Monday visited the traveling vaccine points for the first time for promoting the vaccine trail since last October. He came to deliver the message of president Joe Biden Help is Here. the president has given the massage of 1.9 trillion dollars to the people of America. Which is the first major victory of administration.

She also visited the vaccination site and saw the Navy personnel preparing the shot and then sat with the local leaders to hear how lockdown and pandemic have suffered people and worsened that hunger problem.

She did not announce any kind of new package or program. She also gave answers to the questions of how the government is trying to fulfill the needs of people and how the government is handling the covid pandemic. And said the eligibility age to get a vaccine is up to 50 years.

She also added the mission is to help and rescue the people who are suffering from the worst living conditions. And who was upended by the coronavirus? People who are in food pantry live since the start of the pandemic.