COVID-19 Updates Pfizer Vaccine Showed Good Results in Asymptomatic Cases
COVID-19 Updates Pfizer Vaccine Showed Good Results in Asymptomatic Cases

According to an article published on the US Today, the data shows that this vaccine prevents the transmission of the coronavirus, and helps to protect from the disease.

In Israel, more than half of the adults have got the vaccination. And most of them are vaccinated with Pfizer’s vaccine. People who got this vaccine did not develop any kind of symptoms and did not transfer the disease.

But there is not much data available that shows transmission so the authorities told people to stay away from vaccinated people especially those who have the risk of severing infections of coronavirus.

According to Dr. Peter Hotez, that asymptomatic transmission is reduced up to 90 percent. He is the dean at the national school of tropical medicine in the Houston Baylor College of Medicine.

It has become more clear when the president of the United States Mr. Joen Biden announced the order to all states, tribes, and territories to bring all adults in line to get vaccinated who are eligible by the first of May, he said that if we do our part we will be able to join our friends and families together in small groups in coming days. So people should get vaccinated to get together soon.

Biden address after signing a massive relief package bill into law and after the commemoration of the anniversary nation’s lockdown on Thursday night.


On Friday world health organization reported about 300 million vaccination doses have given and in the US about 100 million vaccine shots are given to the people to curb the coronavirus

California announced lifting business restrictions from Sunday, so people will wake up on Sunday without any restrictions. The state has declared that people now can move more easily and freely in the markets and go to restaurants.

According to a new report, people are now seeking help to quit smoking about 27 percent more than the last year, because people have started smoking more this year in pandemics than the last year.

According to the reports of the world health organization some people are facing rare blood coagulation problems in the European Union who got the dose of AstraZeneca Vaccine against the coronavirus. The European medicines agency the benefits of the vaccine are outweighing the risks by the vaccine. And there is not any kind of death case reported due to the vaccine of coronavirus so far. 

President Joe Biden said during his primetime address that denounced violent attacks against Asian Americans is not good. They have resin during the pandemic, he said it is not good and against the humanity and an unamerican behavior that should be stoped

The united states of America once again reported about one death every minute due to coronavirus. According to the US Today analysis of Johns Hopkins university data. But the united states of America also reported less than400000 cases this month of new infections. That is very low since the mid of October. 

About 1 in 5 residents of America say they have lost a relative or a very close friend with the coronavirus according to a poll from the associated press NORC Center of Public Affairs. These numbers were higher in the black community which is about 30 percent and Hispanic on the second is about 29 percent. Which has to affect them very badly.