According to an article published on US Today, the new variant virus cases are surging in the USA. on Sunday 306 new coronavirus variant cases reported, it is a record increase in viruses that are spreading very easily. These new variants dodging the treatments and immunities successfully.

These new cases are reported in all three states, Texas 102, Florida 605, and Michigan 421 cases. These cases include the addition of four new cases to the previously found cases, which is a dangerous variant of the Brazilian coronavirus variant.

Florida reported the first case of B.1.351 on Sunday, this variant was first seen in South Africa. California and Massachusetts also reported new variant cases. These new cases are mostly new variants and mostly B.1.351 variants. This variant was first seen in the UK, according to the CDC it has changed into the predominant version in America in March.

Johnson & Johnson began to distribute vaccines on Sunday which will be a third weapon against the deadly coronavirus. 

This vaccine is beginning to reach distribution sites and points as soon as possible on Tuesday. Officials in the Biden administration said that about four million shots will be distributed equally this week among all territories and states in the country. And since the country already has two vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, they are already on the battlefield to stop the coronavirus.

A league investigation is underway on the basketball court, while NBA G League guard Jeremy Lin shared on social media about racism. The one he named coronavirus. After the announcement of the $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus release package, the Senate has become a focus of attention. The hose approved this package on Saturday. in this package the Americans stimulate the payment of 1,400 dollars. will help distribute the vaccine and increase unemployment assistance in the summer.

California leaders in America said coronavirus deaths have lowered the community count. Still, by count, the numbers show that American Indians are mostly dying compared to other states with significant Indian populations. Leaders and experts fear that communities have more deaths than they are happy about because the long history of Native Americans shows that the count was misclassified racially.

His wife is trying to find a way to vaccinate her husband, even if it takes more than 14 hours to drive to another state like Mississippi. When they got there, all the vaccines disappeared and people were waiting to receive the vaccine, which made the situation worse.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the vaccine will target places where the risk is highest and older people are more at risk than younger people. Vaccination is increasing across the state. Florida’s seniors have not yet received the same rate of immunization as their risk of fatal pathogens in recent days.

The senior persons of Florida and older comprise about sixty-two percent of residents who were killed by the covid-19 since the beginning of a pandemic. And bout 30734 people were killed by the coronavirus since the start of the coronavirus. according to a report published Saturday. That is why we must continue to wash our hands and not change the priorities of social distancing and not stop wearing masks. Older residents ages 65 to 74 faced 21 percent of deaths and about 41 percent of immunizations.

According to recent studies, people who have already received the vaccine do not need to be vaccinated with the second vaccine. Government authorities have not changed the recommended dose for the second dose. The results of the first dose of the vaccine have stimulated the immune response in people and they have begun to recover from the coronavirus, the second injection will make a difference.