COVID-19 Updates This is Not a Time to Relax, Biden Said
COVID-19 Updates This is Not a Time to Relax, Biden Said

US President Joe Biden said Thursday that his administration is doing a good fight against the coronavirus, called on the nation not to disappoint its protector despite the decline in the number of viral infections and hospitalizations. this week.

He also added that this is not the time to relax and warned about the impact of the variant of the coronavirus. He said that we should keep washing our hands, maintain social distance and asked that for the love of God, for the love of God, we continue to wear masks.

He made the remarks at a ceremony to mark 50 million vaccine doses during his first office session since January. she had promised 100 million doses in her first 100 days at the office. Later this goar was criticized because it was not ambitious enough. He arrived in the middle of day 37 of his time at the office.

He stated that the distribution of the vaccine has increased by up to 70 percent since its inauguration. When President Donald Trump left, the daily doses were 8.6 million daily injections which now increased to 14.5 million daily injections. Almost 60 percent of people over 75 have received at least the first dose. People over 65 receive almost 50 percent of the first dose of the vaccine.

He said the main factor in the drastic reduction in the death rate is due to at least one injection of the vaccine. Seventy-five percent of people living in long-term facilities who have seen more than 507,000 deaths from coronavirus have received at least one injection of the vaccine.

Our vaccination program will boost the immune system and reduce the spread of the coronavirus. He also added that the vaccination program will increase if the Food and Drug Administration grants emergency use authorization to the new Johnson & Johsone single-dose vaccine, as we expect in coming  days.

The FDA advisory committee will decide on the authorization on Friday, and the president will assure the people of the country that there will be no outside interference in this decision.

He said that we will do it in the right and proper way. The FDA will choose and decide on the emergency use authorization of a vaccine based on experience and systine. Without any political pressure from anyone, not even the president of the United States.

Kete Brown, the governor, extended the state of emergency until May, as confirmed cases of coronavirus are declining in statistics and the country, but still, the numbers are hundreds, which has forced him to extend the emergency in the condition.

The Food and Drug Administration will allow shipping and storage in freezers commonly found in drugstores, rather than using ultra-cold freezers. After checking and verifying the data that the vaccine can remain stable for up to two weeks in the normal freezers that are available in pharmacies and drug stores. It will make storing and distributing the vaccine easier and faster.