According to an article published on US Today, the vaccine of AstraZeneca is about 79 percent effective in preventing symptoms of coronavirus and about 100 percent effective in controlling disease and its spreading.


The committee will debate on the evidence behind the scene and will debate publicly before deciding whether to allow the use of it or not. The study was done on 300000 volunteers and 20,000 got the real shots while others got only dummy shots. 

Many European countries have stopped the use of AstraZeneca Vaccine last week after blood clotting reported in some patients. But according to the European medicines agency EMA the vaccine was very responsive and effective and safe to utilize.

To clear up and announce the results of the vaccine the scientists are awaiting the results of the US study in hopes it will clear up some of the confusion about how the shots work and are they really work well or not. According to the investigators, the vaccine is equally beneficial for all ages along with older people. Some old studies have shown that these countries failed to establish.

 Florida has become the first state with more than 1000 known variant coronavirus cases. The United state of America reported news about another 835variant cases since Thursday alone and now has more than 6738 confirmed covid cases. And most of them were of the B.1.1.7 type.

Other 158 cases were reported in Florida and made the total up to 1070 as the infection rate of coronavirus has been reducing. Florida is on the number one and on the top of the list in reporting Brazilian P.1 and B.1.1.7 mutant coronavirus.

The government has declared Miami beach as a state of emergency in the entertainment district on Saturday because of the influx of spring breakers and inundated the city.

The authorities are launching a curfew which will go into effect at 8 pm. Saturday and will last for the same time till Tuesday. The city manager Raul Aguila of Miami beach interim city said that all bars, restaurants, and businesses should close by 8 pm.

Aguila said that they are quite overwhelmed in the district of entertainment as spring is at the peak and the disease is breaking out.  He also added that it was not easy for them to make this decision.

The variant cases of coronavirus only doubled since March in the country. Indianapolis celebrated the city’s largest event after the lockdown of the pandemic and hosted the NCAA opening round tournament last week. But the games are causing consternation among health experts.

In the schools of California, students started sitting three feet apart instead of 6 feet according to the new guidelines from the state. Which follows the CDC. The Asian American people are blamed by the Americans for the spread of the coronavirus. According to a poll, the survey was taken on Friday and Thursday. 

Julia Letlow of republican won the 5th congressional election on Saturday in a landslide in just then three months after the death of her husband, who died with the complications of coronavirus before he could enter the office.