COVID-19 Updates Variant cases have Doubled in the US
COVID-19 Updates Variant cases have Doubled in the US

On Thursday night, United States of America reported more than 30 cases of coronavirus variant, which shows more reach of the viruses which can spread more easily, these variants can survive from different kinds of treatments and immunities, even vaccine is not showing any good results.

The united states till now have more than a thousand new variant cases according to the US Today, these numbers include numbers of the California new cases and North Carolina’s new variant cases that were firstly detected in the South Africa, these variants are strong and did not get effected by the treatments that were effective for the previous old virus.

The new variant can spread more easily and the first time reported in Missouri, Kansas and Ohio. Other states also reported the surge of new variant. The count is increasing continuously. Till Tuesday Washington added 10 new cases of variant. Maryland reported 5, which made the total count 22,Lusiniana reported seven more cases and made the total number to twenty-two. Lowa added new 5 cases.

There were 348 variant cases in the Florida and other remaining were reported from different areas of the country. Most of these cases are of variant B.1.1.7. The variant cases are doubled in the United States since the January. 

The vaccine distribution was limited to the hospitals after a week of starting, it was also limited to the local health departement and health systems. But now from Friday it is available on all big pharmacies and the nation’s largest chains, Walgreens and CVS. According to CDC.

According to the US Today, the NHL ( the national Hocky league) will add a game day for rapid tests for the players for safety protocols to stem the coronavirus outbreak. The league also announced that they will not alow players to go out, club personnel are also should stay at home, and they will not leave their places except to attend the games and for practice.they can go outdoors for an individual basis, they can only perform essential activities such as deal with family and other extraordinary circumstances and emergencies.

According to the research, the current vaccines should work well on new variants, also said the president Joe Biden on his tour of the facility of a top National institute of health scientist.

New Zealand’s 1st vaccine doses are due to arrive next week, with border employees obtaining inoculated starting Feb. 20, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared on Friday. New Zealand has had no community transmission of the virus for many months due to heightened restrictions. 

 Nevada Plans to Easing Restrictions

Citing a weeklong decline in new COVID cases and deaths, Sagebrush State Gov. on thursday Steve Steve Sisolak declared he would gradually finish a months-long stop on economic  activities  because the virus spread is almost uncontrol.

Eased restrictions on restaurants, bars, churches and gymnasiums are set to require result on Monday, as well as a ten p.c jump in permissible casino capacity. Youth and adult sports tournaments, in conjunction with gatherings up to 250 people, are tentatively scheduled to resume March fifteen — 2 days keep of the annual day of the state’s 1st virus-related termination order.

Sisolak later announced plans to show over the bulk of ongoing virus-containment efforts to local officials by May 1,  he added that the state will continue to paly his role for support the nationals and health officials of the state.he said that all protocol will be stayed in their place to curb the 

He said statewide protocols will remain in place to mitigate the virus’ spread, including but not limited to mask-wearing and social distancing requirements. 

Joe Biden: US will have ‘enough vaccine supplies to vaccinate all Americans

President Joe Biden on Thursday declared completion of a deal to buy an extra two hundred million coronavirus vaccinum doses, fulfilling the associate agreement he printed a period of time ago. 

“We’ve currently purchased enough vaccine provides to immunize all Americans,” Biden aforementioned throughout a visit to the National Institutes of Health. “Now we’re operating to get those vaccines into the arms of various people.”

In addition to finalizing contracts with Pfizer and Moderna for a hundred million a lot of doses every which will be delivered by the tip of July, Biden said 100 million different doses that were imagined to arrive in June will now be delivered in May. 

“That’s a month faster,” Biden said. “That suggests that lives are saved.”