COVID-19 Vaccine will Now Available on Pharmacies in USA
COVID-19 Vaccine will Now Available on Pharmacies in USA

The Biden administration announced to begin distributing coronavirus vaccine directly to pharmacies to expedite vaccinations all over the country.

Jeff Zients the coordinator of the White House COVID-19 response said that they are starting a program to distribute about one million doses to 6500 pharmacies from next week. The number of pharmacies can increase later.

Zients said people will ger more vaccination sites in their communities. And it will be easy to distribute vaccine equally in the country.

He added that this week more than 10.5 million doses will be distributed to states. The dose supply will be fiver percent up than the last week and twenty-two percent more than the previous supply.

AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine reduces transmission and symptoms of coronavirus with just one dose 

According to an article published in the US Today.  A single dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine reduced the spreading and transmission of the virus up to 67 percent and showed protection against the coronavirus. The trials unveiled on Tuesday according to preliminary data

If the results confirmed. The research will provide a partial answer to at least one of the critical questions about vaccines. This vaccine also prevents transmission of coronavirus along with its symptoms. It gives a high level of protection agist the disease from just one shot and can cover the shortage of vaccine supply in the country.

To be fully affected a second dose is still required to be fully effective of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The European Union regulates the vaccine on Friday but it did not get clearance in the US, because according to trials the vaccine can be more effective if the second dose is given after three months, which is too much time which other vaccines require that is three or four weeks.

Variants Spread could be Curb by Quick Vaccine Dispensing

We can curb the spread of new coronavirus variants by speeding up the rate of vaccination in the country. The new variant is more dangerous than the previous one. The current vaccines may not provide too much protection against the new mutant coronavirus said, Dr.Anthomy Fauci.

We can stop the variation of the virus by stopping its replication because viruses cannot mutate without replication. And if we stop the replication of viruses by vaccinating so the virus can not replicate but we have to fasten the vaccination process to not give an open ground to the virus.

Tanzania Government Opposed to Vaccines

The health minister Dorothy Gwajima said that we are not planning to receive the vaccine because there is not much evidence available about the vaccine. It has happened days after casting doubts without evidence on the coronavirus by President John Magufuli of Tanzania.

President said that God has eliminated the deadly virus in Tanzania. Tanzania is an East African Country of sixty million people and has not updated covid infections since April. The people there are fewer hygiene practices such as using of sanitization. And the president is claiming that Tanzania is a safe country.

According to the CDC, Tanzania has a high level of Cornavius in the latest travel waning of Tanzania and urges against travel there.