COVID-19: We are aiming at 1.5M doses of Vaccine Daily. Said, Joe Biden
COVID-19: We are aiming at 1.5M doses of Vaccine Daily. Said, Joe Biden

More than 420,000 citizens of America have killed by Coronavirus in just a year. And it did not stop here yet it is spreading and continue to affect the people of America. After launching a pair of vaccines in the past year. 

On Monday California announced to lift the regional stay-at-home orders across the state because a large number of people infected with covid-19 were discharged and the hospitalization rate has declined too much. As published in an article of USAToday on Jan 25, 2021

These orders almost have implemented in all the country states. including the San Joaquin Vally, Southern California, and San Francisco Bay Area. the lifting of orders will allow hotels and restaurants to do outdoor and indoor dining in almost all areas. but the officials will continue to check the strictness of rules. California also lifting the curfew.

The small business owners were very angry due to these restrictions. And want the government to lift the lockdown. The state is now returning to its color-coded system, four-tiered of the county by county orders. The state also extending the protection by not allowing people to go outdoor without masks and social distance. The confinements will continue till the finish of June and the pandemic.

Dr.Tomas Aragon, Director of health and public health officer said that we have done so many sacrifices and we changed our activities for the short term to gain long-term results.

The contagious covid variant virus that initially discovered in brazil now has detected in the Minnesota US. according to officials, the person who traveled from brazil tested positive with the new mutant covid virus.

President of US Joe Biden reinstates the ban from south Africa to us for non-US citizens. Also restrictions on travel from UK Ireland brazil and other 26 countries of Europe. According to the officials of the world health organization they did not believe that Olympic athletes get priority access to the vaccine of coronavirus. It means leaving before of the old population and health care workers.

The US has more than 25.3 million positive covid cases and more than 420,900 deaths while 99.6million case and 2.1million deaths worldwide. President Joe Biden announced the 50 billion Dollars add for the covid and planing to increase more.

NewGoal of Joe Biden: 1.5 million vaccine shots a day

The newly elected President Joe Biden announced that he expects minimal 100 million shots in his first 100 days which has raised the expectations from his vaccination program. He said that our minimum goal is 1 million doses daily and more if feasible.

“I believe we’ll be capable to grow as we go along so we’ll get to 1.5 million,” Biden said.

The pace of vaccination increased after the order of buying and purchasing vaccines from the local manufacturers. The target of 100 million doses daily was looking so difficult when the vaccination was started in December. But now the pace is increased and daily 1 million doses is very good and reasonable demand from the president to stop the virus and control the spread of the virus.