Mutation of COVID-19 Giving Challenge to Health Experts and Authorties

It seemed miraculous in late December, that a safe and effective vaccine against the coronavirus can be created in less than a year. It is a jubilation of science and the ability of the United States of America.

It takes only six weeks and vaccines for the deadly virus launched in the market. The confusion, unfairness, accusations of frustration changed into pride. The nightmare overcome and thousands of people are still dying due to a disease that is now preventable now. All the efforts are in vain while no one can explain what things are taking bad turns fastly.

Mr. Moncef head of vaccine development said that he will love to understand the problem, he was working under the Trump administration and now working as an advisor for the Biden Administration. Thousands of people are working hard day and night for the last many months these months were really terrible and made the nation depressed. Because the pandemic has become a disaster now and we do not or can not handle it, he said.

If we analyze by emerging the interviews and new conferences of more than thirty officials and experts of vaccine we can get a clear picture. We will be able to make a laundry list of the major issues that have made the vaccine rollout slow. The first thing that is noticed as the main cause is lack of communication. And people have unrealistic public expectations. All the

A more open picture of the difficulties is arising from meetings and news interviews with more than two dozen administration executives and vaccine specialists. A washing table of issues slowed the vaccine, USToday discovered, differing from unreliable common expectations and a decrease of contact to defeated software and opposing perceptions for the purpose of government. It all appears in the midst of a drastic transformation in the power of the united states.

The states and communities should take their responsibilities, support, money, or guidance. While the government was focussing on delivering doses of vaccines to the docks. But the Biden government is focusing on the federal border mandate. The government is helping the organization and the state to organize their vaccination programs and spread the doses to every person and citizen of the state and country.

Dr.Vivek Murthy in a podcaster of Ezra Klein told that there are times when we are one nation and sometimes we are 50 different states. It is time to be a nation to cope with the deadly dangerous coronavirus. Because it is very important if we did not react as a nation we can not turn this pandemic around.

A public relations campaign is already started by the Biden administration to promote the solutions and understand the problems, everyone wants a vaccine months before will be able to get the dose. By doing so some things have corrected and about 28 million Americans have received the one-shot in just five weeks.  The availability of doses and vaccine production is as the trump administration predicted.

According to Slaoui, The shipment and delivery of vaccine from the production sites to the distribution sites gas done very well and almost with 99 percent correctly and accurately