Covid-19 updates Schools can be reopened safely while the UK mutant Virus reached 25 states.
Covid-19 updates Schools can be reopened safely while the UK mutant Virus reached 25 states.

Till the last updates, more than 430,000 US citizens have died with coronavirus. Even in the presence of a pair of vaccines.

But the good news is that the new covid cases ratio in the united states of America has dropped up to 35 percent from the last month, according to the data of USA Today of Johns Hopkins University. The new case average is now dropped from 249,000 cases to 162,000 cases per day. as published in an article of US Today.

As with the dropping new cases ratio, the ratio of hospitalization also dropped. According to the CTP ( the Covid Tracking Project), the count of people hospitalized with coronavirus is now less in number in almost all major states of the United States. On Tuesday the number of people who were hospitalized with coronavirus was about 107,000, which was 130,000 just three weeks ago.

This improvement in numbers could be the result of natural peaking and then plateauing, said Dr. Anthony was after a holiday surge, it is could be due to the vaccine but the vaccine just came in the mid of December.

The reduction in new cases is good but it could be not permanent according to the associate professor and public health specialist Ogbonnaya Omenka of Butler University in Indianapolis.

But the bad news is that the daily death toll is still close to the previous records of earlier this month. The averaging deaths are still 23,000 per week in the united states. But as the infection rate has decreased the death rate will also decrease in the coming weeks.

Omenka Said, it is a very good time to get the advantage of the strive and window even it could be harder to sustain a downward trend, but it can be supported with the vaccines. if we let the public health go and forget are precautionary steps such as masks, washing hands, and other the virus can be surge again.

 The CDC considering and  The executives of US airline disliked the idea of the required passing covid test before barding passengers on domestic flights. and named it a real goat rodeo and wholly impractical.

The new valiant of coronavirus that was detected in South Africa now has found in the US. in South Carolina two person were identified with the same variant. Although there is no such data and studies that show, that this modification is more threatening than the earlier one and can cause harsh infection, according to the CDC ( the centers for disease control and prevention) said in a statement. but they warned that this variant of coronavirus can spread more easily and fastly than the precious types of covid viruses. And the major concern about this variant is that the vaccines may not too much effect on these variants. 

Some health officials of the states are demanding more vaccine doses while at the same time some of the states have not used half of their allotment, at this serious matter the government officials of the US vaccination program said this uneven course will soon get better with the passage of time.

The nuns of the roman catholic church died in January with the COVID-19 in Michigan at their retirement home. These nuns were 79 to 97 years old and relishing on the faculties of the Adrian Dominican Sisters in Adrian. Where there is not a single case was listed. 

To date, the confirmed cases in the US were more than 25,8 million and more than 432.700 deaths. The total global number has reached 101.3 million positive cases and 2.18million deaths with the coronavirus.