If you see any of the symptoms associated with diabetes, visit your doctor or health care provider. They will test your blood, usually, it takes 2 days to confirm if you have diabetes or not. According to The National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases.
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If you feel very sick and you have many symptoms of blood sugar, then only one test will be enough. To learn more about the symptoms, click here.

Test for Type 2 Diabetes

 Some basic tests to confirm the disease are:

OGTT (Oral Glucose Tolerance Test)

In this test the doctor checks the glucose level before and after drinking or eating something sweet, to know how your body reacts and handles the sugar.


This test shows average glucose over the past few months.

FPG (Fasting Plasma Glucose)

This test is also known as the fasting blood sugar level test. In this test, they observe the glucose level on an empty stomach. You have to stay on fast and you can not eat and drink anything except water for eight hours.

How to Treat Type 2 Diabetes

To manage type 2 diabetes you have to change your lifestyle along with taking medication if you use the prescribed medicines but did not change your lifestyle then you will not see any significant results.

Change of Lifestyle

If you change your lifestyle, then you may not need any medication after some time to control your blood sugar levels. You just have to adopt the habit of daily exercise and a healthy diet.

Eat healthily

Although there is not such a specific diet, you can consult an experienced dietitian to know about the diet, he can help you to make a diet plan you can stick with.

You can also follow the keto diet plan or use blood sugar premier VSL which is a complete supplement for diabetes patients. Focus on these simple rules.

  • Cut back refined carbs and sweets
  • Take fewer calories
  • Take in more fiber
  • Add fruits and fresh vegetables to your diet

Lose Extra Weight

Extra weight is always the major source of different kinds of diseases, shedding extra fat can help to prevent you from several diseases along with diabetes.

If you have diabetes, then losing some weight is a pretty good idea, you can change your blood sugar level by losing weight

It sounds difficult, but it is very useful for your health. There are many products that can help you reduce weight with no side effects.


Minimum 30 to 60 minutes of exercise or physical activity daily helps to control blood sugar levels. You can do many things like walk, swim, bike, or any other exercise which will increase your heart rate.

Do some strength training exercises like weight lifting or yoga. If your blood sugar level is high and you are using medicine to lower the blood sugar, take some snacks before any kind of workout.

Monitor Your Blood Sugar Level

During the treatment, it is very important to watch the blood sugar level, you can consult your doctor about the schedule of taking a test of blood sugar level.