Florida has reached 200 variant cases, Health Officials concerned about Maskless Super Bowl Celebrations
Florida has reached 200 variant cases, Health Officials concerned about Mask less Super Bowl Celebrations

Florida has become the first state for reporting 200 new cases of coronavirus variant. While on the same day it hosted the Super Bowl LV on Sunday. As published in an article on the USA Today website.

These activities can cause a surge of pandemics again because people are not listening to the warnings by public health officials across the country. And dowing gather parties of Super Bowl. the game was played in the stadium in front of 22,000 fans who were wearing masks and most of them were health care workers who vaccinated. The game was played at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stadium.

But as seen in many videos people were not following the guidance of wearing masks and keeping social distance while celebrating in the stadium and streets.

The Mayor of Tampa Jane Castor said that they were at a high level of frustration when they saw that because we are dealing with the coronavirus and people are not taking it seriously.

The white house press secretary Jen Psaki give the same message when asked that if president Joe Biden also worries to see the situation. And so many people were ignoring the health guidelines of the government.

Psaki said when you see so many pictures and videos of people not wearing masks not considering the social distance it become a reason of concern when we are fighting with the coronavirus at the height of a pandemic.

There are more than 700 known cases of the mutant coronavirus since the date. And the cases have doubled since the 27 January.

Florida already has 30% of cases of mutant coronavirus in the USA. and it is increasing instead of decreasing. All variant cases are known as the UK variant coronavirus cases and could be a disaster for the country if did not handle with care.

US reported that there is also a South African Variant in the USA that is found in Virginia. Another variant named P.1 also known as the Brazilian variant is found in Minnesota and Oklahoma.

As the companies are increasing the speed of vaccine production, Pfizer also nearly cut in half the amount of time to produce the vaccine and they are now producing vaccine batch in 60 days that was taking 110 days before.

Facebook contributing by removing false claims about the vaccine and coronavirus from its website and Instagram.

Arizona Apply for More Vaccine Doses

The officials of Arizona reapply their request for more vaccine doses that were rejected before. The stat needs 300,000 extra vaccine doses immediately to move faster and cover the whole area.

In the mid of January, a request was submitted to the federal Agency which was rejected in two days because they say that they are asking the wrong agency. The vaccine system is managed by the US Department of health and human services. The more vaccine doses help the state to fasten the vaccinating process faster.