get in shape during pandemic
Get in Shape

As published in a New York Times article on Oct. 13, 2020. During pandemic lockdowns in which many people gained weight, others have used it as an opportunity to change their personality by changing their eating and exercising routine.

According to a June survey of 2,000 American adults by a Nutrisystem weight loss program, 76% responded that they had gained over 16 pounds during the lockdown period from March to July, 63% said losing weight was one of its main objectives. Before the pandemic.

According to experts, the main difference between gainers losers, and maintainers is just their mindset, and approach to cope with new changes. Many people are using different types of plans and products like keto diet pills to maintain or lose weight.

Working from home abrupt the daily routine 

The main change from Covid lockdown was that the daily routine was stopped, many people lost their losses while others worked from home, all recreation centers, gyms, parks, and public places closed and restricted the hours of daily exercise. Mental stress, baking, cooking, eating, and drinking was the only thing to do. According to the researchers, there is a great relationship between overeating and high-level stress.

Gary D. Foster, Scientific Director at Weight Watcher (WW) says that with the change in routine and environment, you can use it as an opportunity to reshape yourself and say, “I deserve better treatment for myself in tough conditions. Show you a sense of self-worth, how to see things and a better way to treat yourself.

Chang Hard Time to an Opportunity 

There are two types of mindset: one that finds an opportunity in every difficult situation, while others bow. It is an initial period; it is time to take care of myself, think about the first type of people, and think differently to take advantage of this moment to gain more power.

Susan Abrams Tornney, a 62-year-old dental office manager in Delray Beach, says the excuse of not having time to exercise is out of the equation for me, I used the place of refuge to my advantage and she lost 30 pounds in the first days making positive changes in your life

Before starting, he couldn’t even get up off the floor, but now she has the power and energy to deal with the situation, she feels healthier and 10 years younger than her actual age. 

Eating Home 

Because people can not go out to eat meals, it helped them to eat healthily and cook at home; They use healthy eating and cooked chicken, meat, fish and salads, that not only increase their immune system but also passed their time by a healthy way 

While many other people are overweight by eating with no plans, they take what they can find to eat at home or available. That made them overweight and unhealthy.

Choose a Diet Plan 

As the second wave of COVID-19 is on its way and the government tends to make new lockdown decisions, while some states already announce the lockdown, it is better to take precautions and stay healthy you must choose a diet plan and follow it strictly.

There are many types of plans, such as low carb cycle plan, ketogenic diet plan, alternative fasting plan, and many others, the ketogenic diet plan is one of the most popular diet plans these days, if you are not interested in exercise then you can use keto body tune to keep your body in shape which really helps the people