How to treat Knee Pain at Home and When You Should Call the Doctor
How to treat Knee Pain at Home and When You Should Call the Doctor

When you get an injury body’s physiologic responses like inflammation. The main goal of any kind of knee therapy is to demolish the inflammatory cycle. Any injury can start knee pain, the basic goal for any medical treatment is to break the cycle of pain. This cycle starts with injury, at a response knee becomes inflamed to indicate that it needs some attention.

Many health conditions also can increase inflammation. It can become a chronic disease if did not get the proper medication. To control the pain and limiting the inflammation you should control the substances that cause the problem of inflammation.

Home Care Techniques to Treat Knee Pain

There are some home care ways that can reduce knee pain and control inflammation such as ice, compression, elevation, and rest. 

How to Protect the Knee From Further Trauma 

To protect the knee you should do follow these things

  • Put a mat above the helps to decrease pain due to injury. Or in a condition of which called housemaid’s knee to prevent further pain and issues.
  • Do padding or splinting

Use Ice

  • If your knee has become inflamed due to injury in the knee
  • Doctors suggest icing in knee pain causes two or three times by day for thirty to twenty minutes.
  • Icing to the knee can reduce swelling and is very useful in chronic knee injuries and pain.
  • You can use a pack of frozen legumes or an ice bag to place on the knee.


Rest is very necessary for all kinds of injuries and most importantly for joint injuries like a knee injury. It subdues the tension and pressure on the knee. Rest gives time to heal and also prevents further complications.


There are several benefits to elevate the knee. Such as

It helps to reduce pain and swelling 

It works with gravity to give some relief to the fluid that can accumulate ht the flow and circulation of blood.

Take your leg up while sitting or sleeping. It works very well for injuries of knees and other body parts. The elevation should be higher than the level of the heart.


Compressing the knee with a wrap or brace is very beneficial during knee pain treatment.

Compression also used to align the patella and keep joint mechanics intact in knee injuries.

Medicine for Over  the Counter Treatment

The most common pain relievers that used to get relief are 

  • NSAIDs means not steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

If you have stomach ulcers or bleeding or any kind of kidney problems do not use these drugs.

  • Aleve
  • Naprosyn
  • Naproxen
  • Advil
  • Ibuprofen
  • Motrin

These medicines also good for over the counter treatment and knee pain relief. These drugs are used to control pain directly and their high dosages can give relief for inflammation and break the cycle of inflammation, these drugs also have some side effects just like other drugs.

  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol) 

It is a common medicine to use in knee pain, but it did not control the inflammation. But it is helpful in osteoarthritis and can show very good results.

When You Should Attend the Doctor for Knee Soreness and pain

If you have severe injury or knee pain that did not go away with over-the-counter treatments or house treatment you should visit your health care provider or the doctor. Or if you get relief from the pain and it comes back again and again after some time.

You should visit a physical therapist or bones and muscle therapist for further assistance. This rule also applies to the new injuries in which the chances of disability are too much.