CUSM (California University of Science & Medicine) Study and Analysis on Survive Radiation Therapies

One molecule fined recently in the human body, which is known as Micro-RNA molecules, and it also plays a very vital role, that how cell responses in case of stress, depressions, nervous and injury, like as in the cycle of radiation therapies. Through these treatments (radiation treatment) which used currently in the cancer patient, the researcher, and other medical analysis teams need to understand better genetics and volume through this radiation treatment and defined a heavy amount of therapies for patients strength.

CUSM (California Institute of Medical Science) research study has been shown 1st time, molecules, which known as Micro-RNA ‘MIR-34, in coding form’  this molecules know as silent attacker, this molecule sit invisible in a cell on inactive mode and  waiting for the movement or signal to turn it into an active mode . Basically to found the virus will be based on its head, ‘Micro-RNA’  these molecules are ready for work at any time and always activated, and describe in a very similar way that this MIR-34 can control proteins, but waiting for the signal to turn into active mode.

What Senior Doctors said about Radiation Therapist

DR-Janson-WilliamDr. Janson Williams, who’s the senior research study author, and team leader of HRD (Health Resource Development) department of CUSM(California University of Medicine & Science), has investigated on the human cell cycle. His senior team members founded alot of Mir-34 cell average before radiation treatment, but they claimed that these molecules were not working properly basically these items in an inactive mode, they discovered that the MIR-34 was situated in the cell and inactivated mode, this journal radiation response to a protein known A.T.M was responsible for.

One more thing to know in research that the levels of this molecules will change quickly the following radiation within 3 to 5 hours, on the other hand, the level of MIR=34 grows through the development of new same molecules. Inactivation mode of an existing MIR-34  after radiation new circumstances, but not for the previously MicroRNA molecules.

Basically, this research shows the importance of MIR-34 in term of cancer treatment, depression, and stress.

One of very famous professor of radiation oncology at CUSM(California University of Medicine & Science) James Adam said, this research help in finding the strength and potential and allow our team to control this mechanism for getting better result of patient treatment with radiation response and protecting tissues of human body, and must be targeting on tumors, and also finding that how much good this molecules or mechanism work in some a lot of peoples vs others one, why some people are more sensitive from the beginning.

Access the Patient Radiation Therapist

James Adam and his team start to plain further that how MIR-34 that how we created MIR-34 in the deactivated mode in cells, and Scientist also want to assess the patient radiation therapy, so that can be helpful to identify the patient population.

This Research was published by the  World Healthcare Department  WHD.

NOW something about CUSM(California University of Medicine & Science) Janson William Health Resource Development center:

The CUSM(California University of Medicine & Science) Janson William Health Resource Development center, has more than 500 researchers and clinical library that will be merged with detection, treatment and health education, disease analysis, drugs control. this is one of the most famous, well known and very effective medical research centers, the Janson William center is known to promoting health-based research with new ideas and forum and also focus on new innovation in science and technology.

In 2017 the Janson canter was ranked the 4 cancer center locally and 2 internationally by U.S CNN Report.