Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Approved for FDA Clearance Expected in a Few Days
Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Approved for FDA Clearance Expected in a Few Days

According to a government advisory committee, they voted on Friday to recommend authorizing Johnson & Johnson’s covid vaccine to treat adults. As published in a US Today article.

Dr. Archana Chattergjee said they believe that the authorization of the J&J vaccine will help slow the spread of the coronavirus infection and meet the needs at this time. She is dean of the Chicago medical school, she affirmed after casting her vote.

The vaccine will begin to be distributed in the country if the acting commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration agrees, and it is possible that he will agree tomorrow, many wait.

If authorized then it will be the third vaccine that will serve the people of the United States of America and will join already available Moderna and Pfizer  vaccines. These vaccines almost provided to almost 46 million people from the start of December.

How the company has met all of the FDA criteria that it set out last year for the vaccine to get approval and authorization. The approval of the Food and Drug Administration related to vaccines and the Biological Products Advisory Committee. You will soon get approval and authorization. It has a large-scale test to demonstrate safety and effectiveness to show that J&J can produce vaccines safely and consistently.

After voting, almost all members said that all three vaccines are safe and effective. Because it’s very important that people don’t think that one vaccine is better than another, said the chief of the division of pediatric infectious diseases, Dr. Cody Meissner at Boston, Tufts University School of Medicine.

Dr. Arnold Monto added that we are in this kind of situation, whatever you can get. He is the Acting President and Epidemiologist of UMS. Another infectious disease expert, Dr. Eric Rubin of Harvard’s TH Chan School of Public Health, said voting to support the cure and the vaccine was a relatively good decision.

Rubin said it is a very clear way to rise above the bar. Rubin is also editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. The new vaccine has many advantages over the other vaccines, such as that you only need to receive one dose or injection, but it has low effectiveness, although it can help to slow the spread of infection and reduce deaths.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been shown to be 72 percent effective in the United States of America and less effective in Latin America and South Africa against two variants. That has not yet reached the country but it is possible, so to stop the contagion we have to rush the vaccination.

This vaccine has been equally effective in all groups of people except some people over 60 years of age with some medical conditions. In this group, they found it less effective.

Other vaccines, Pfizer and Moderna, have shown an effectiveness of around 94 percent during the trial last year. But as variants of the coronavirus approach and the virus continually changes its DNA, reducing its effectiveness somewhat.

As we all know, variants are increasing and the urgency to be sure is necessary for vaccines to be effective for the public. Dr. Jay Portnoy said. He said that we are in a kind of race with the mutation of the virus and the vaccine, fewer people infected with the virus means fewer deaths and infections. As J&J is just one shot instead of two shots or doses, which makes it more effective and substantially

This vaccine is based on new technology, it uses a harmless virus to deliver a protein that trains your immune system to attack if it finds the covid-19 virus.