Latest COVID-19 Updates Disneyland Going to Open for Californians Only
Latest COVID-19 Updates Disneyland Going to Open for Californians Only

According to an article published in US Today, the officials of the Federal health have ordered all states to make sure all adults eligible to get the coronavirus vaccination before May.

According to Andy Slavitt who is a senior adviser for COVID-19 at the white house. The US Department for human services and health issued the directive about the May 1 target of president Joe Biden.  He said that we will not only mark out our independence day on the 4th of July but we celebrate its independence from the virus.

The spokesperson of the White House says that they will achieve the target of twenty-two million doses in the next week. Which will increase the daily average to three million for the first time in history. 

Massachusetts and Iowa announced to open up vaccination for all adults from next month. And will join the growing list of those states removing all kinds of eligibility restrictions and make the vaccine available for all. 

Iowa will remove its eligibility restrictions from April 5, because the supply of doses is going to increase in the coming days. 

California also announced that it will open Disneyland for the visitors of California only with some safety measures such as maintaining a safe social distance and other important measures. 

On Wednesday all testing locations were closed due to severe weather conditions and these conditions also disturbed vaccine distribution in Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas.

According to the public health officials of England, many people will get their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine next month due to the lack of vaccine supply in the country.

The governor of California Gavin Newsom said that they are preparing to call for elections after lifting up the pandemic restrictions. He also said that we will fight with the coronavirus and defeat it.

Checks of governmental relief will be available in bank accounts all over the country. And each person will get 1400 dollars, so a family of 5 members will receive 8000 dollars.

About 15 percent of American adults got a full vaccine dose and about twenty-eight people got at least one dose according to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States of America.

In the capital city and Texas, the Latino lag behind whites in vaccination

About 500 people died in Travis County Texas with coronavirus. And the same situation was in the capital of Austin. According to an analysis by the US Today, only 22 percent of people who got a dose of vaccine in the county were Latino. 

In Travis, the ratio is about 1.7 times higher than other states and most of them are colored people and most of them are Latinos. The same ratio is in Houston and Dallas. And there is not so much difference in other counties.

The majority of nonlatino residents is higher than 1.3 times the nation. None of the Latino majority has higher vaccinations than the whites according to the reports.