Mutation of COVID-19 Giving Challenge to Health Experts and Authorties

A pandemic could get worse due to mutation to the virus of Covid-19, new cases are popping up rapidly and health officials say, people should do more to curb the covid cases.

The covid-19 virus trying to beat vaccines and the race is has taken a new turn after fast mutation. The vaccination has not completed yet and the virus becomes more diverse genetically. That is the main reason for new cases high rate. With every new infectiection viruses mutate and make new copies of new types of viruses, which can make all the progress zero that till now has done. Which is making control a more difficult and long term process.

WHO Urged to Do More

The WHO ( world health organization) urged authorities to detect new types of viruses. The first new version of the virus was detected in the united kingdom according to the US. Centers for Disease Control and prevention. The virus dominant in the United States by the month of March. The main concern about this virus is that it can spread more easily and cause more hospitalizations and more deaths. It also causes more severe illness the CDC name it “a new phase of exponential growth.”

Dr.Anthony Faucu said that the administration is taking it very seriously. Who is to infectious disease expert of the US government? Told in an interview to NBC.

D.Michail Mina professor of Harvard University said, to make transmission low as possible we should do everything that possibly does. The only and best way to reduce mutation is by reducing or slowing down its transmission.

Vaccine and Covid-19

According to experts, the vaccine is effective so far. But it is very possible that mutation may change the effectiveness of vaccines as treatments. The people especially younger people are not willing to wear masks, because they know that the count strain can not affect them but the mutation may change the situation and they can be affected. which makes the situation worse like in 2014 mutation of the Ebola virus has made the condition worse.


It is a normal property of viruses that tey acquire changes during reproduction, but these changes are very small. Which helps them to stay in nature and survival. Which makes the antibodies less effective on them.

 A mutation named D614G joined the coronavirus just after a couple of months spreading coronavirus in China and become a dominant type in the world due to its spreading power and way of infection.

The scientists did not find any mutation for a long time but then the virus started striking evolution. The experts found three variants of the virus and still waiting for more mutants.

It was firstly identified in the UK and then Quickly spread in England and went to the US and now reported in more than 35 countries.

Many countries reporting new variants, such as Brazil and South Africa. The main mutation version which was found in the UK has turned into a different and new version and spreading in Ohio, as more infections happen the virus will keep changing its genetics.

The travel restriction also did not help because the US has so many Cases and the virus changing its versions inside the country. Which can make the situation worse and worse.

What to Do 

Dr.Adam Said that we are watching a lot of versions of coronavirus because we have a lot of people who are infected with the virus. who is an expert at the UMA (the university of Michigan in Ann Arbor)

People should wear masks, limit congregation with people, wash their hands, and should keep a social distance.