New Variant Cases Reached up to 73%, Florida has Achieved the Maximum
New Variant Cases Reached up to 73%, Florida has Achieved the Maximum

The cases of known covid variant has surged 73 percent in the last week as published in an article of US Today. These figures were announced by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention on Tuesday.

Till now more than 945 cases of variant has been reported that can spread more easily and can dodge both immune system and treatments.

The most noticeable thing is that Nowhere has more cases than the Florida where the variant first appear.  There are now 344 cases of a the deadly fast spreading variant covid virus. The count go higher after the Supe Bowl on sunday. Which was played in Tampa. Florida has doubled in number of variant cases. The california is on second number in case of variant cases with 156 number.

Most of the known variant cases in the country are mostly in florida are by the variant B.1.1.7 which was fist detected in the UK and now found in USA. it can caus a dominant strain in the country according to CDC. according to the researchers of the Washington University the variant can be more dangerous and deadly than the others. It is also 50 present mor transmissible than the older one. In Brazil three cases identified with the new variant virus this virus is more stronger than the old one and decives all immunities and vaccines. Another variant took hold of south africa has show ressitance against treatments and vaccines.

Playres union and major league baseball union agreed to take safety and health protocols for next season and it will contain the same safety measures that was took place last year. All the players and team members have to wear the electronic tracking device whole the season even in the spring training sessions.

The country has reported 775976 new positive coronavius cases in the last week, it is the fist time when the count is under 800000 cases since the november. The US has peek of about 1.75 million cases every week last month. The death rate was higher as always which is averagly 21700 and 3100 daily.

Canada has stoped non essential travelers to reach country by land and necessary to show negative PCR report coronvirus based otherwise they have to face the big fine.and people who want ot fly to canada must show negative test report to be on board.

The healthe and emergency officials of Alaska warn a failure to extend the restrictions because the state can not handling the vaccine distribution rightly.

The FDA on tuesday granted emergency authorization to use of bamlanivimab and etesevimab together for treating moderate coronavius in adults and some pediatric. And patients with more than 65 years of age can be treated with Eli Lilly monoclonal antibody therapy  and for those who are effected by chronic medical conditions. Said by Daniel Skovronsky in a press release, chief of Lilly’s scientific officer and president of lilly research laboratories it could be allow efficacy against emerging coronavirus variants as well.