The company expecting to cut the amount of time to produce the vaccine. It is taking 110 days to produce a batch of covid 19 vaccines. But the company expects that it will be cut down in half of the average of sixty days. Because they have made th3e production fast and more efficient. As the company took to the US Today.

The nation is going through very hard times and the vaccination program is facing a different types of difficulties. And this will help the nation to relieve due to the shortage of the coronavirus vaccine

They name this project the light speed and they call it for a reason. Just in last month, they have doubled the output according to the vice president of operations for sterile injections.

We were expecting that the speed and capacity will be double said Robert the president of the policy of immunization and knowledge translation which is a big vaccine consulting firm.

No one had produced vaccines at this scale. And manufacturers are learning as they go with time. Every day they run into some challenges of vaccine and I bet you every day they solve it. And that goes into their good book he added.

The Life cycle of Covid-19  vaccine

The corona vaccine of Pfizer is made of three different plants Pfizer. Starting from Chesterfield, Missouri, Andover, Massachusetts, and finishing in Kalamazoo, Michigan and more than 20.6 million doses of the Pfizer vaccines have been distributed nationwide. 

The company has based its production system according to the vaccine development in the laboratory. Calitri said. it normally takes years for engineers and researchers to improve the efficiency and making it cost-effective. and it did not happen with the coronavirus vaccines. According to Calitri, they are now moving to the right commercial production.

Like the vials of vaccine begun coming off the production line, the engineers started analyzing how the process can be faster and better than before he added that they have made a lot of really slick enhancements.

Now production is getting very faster such as the making of DNA that starts the vaccine process first took 

 Days and now they have converted it to the nine and ten days. Quality control and testing are also increased and accelerated. according to company officials say FDA regulations and Best manufacturing practices are still needed to cover. While improving speed the company is increasing output by adding more lines to the plants, as the vaccine efforts continue company is expecting more efficiencies.

“There are going to be profound shifts in the way we do business,” Calitri said. “We just demonstrated to ourselves that we can go from a phone call in March to having now delivered 50 to 60 million doses.” 

The food and drug administration announced on Thursday that they are providing guidance to help vaccine, testing, and drug manufacturers adaption. Concerned about the new variants of the deadly virus of the corona.

The vaccines, tests, and treatments are working well till now. FDA’s commissioner Janet Woodcock, but it is time to be ready for the future and coming problems. We should be ready for all eventualities. She said in a press report to the reporters. Within the next two weeks, the FDA will provide manufacturing guidance to the companies on how to adapt their products as needed throughout the process. Feedback will help to refine the guidance for the manufacturers.

In recent weeks the concern has been growing over the variants because it can make the situation worse.