Pfizer's vaccine for covid 19
vaccine for covid 19

As updated on CNN at 0322 GMT (1122 HKT) November 11, 2020. Pfizer announced the result of three clinical trial results, which show more than 90% effectiveness for coronavirus. If authorities approved the vaccine, it will be the most fragile vaccine ever used in the US. which will cost too much to distribute and authorities are worrying about it because the process will be very hard.

This vaccine should be stored at a maximum minus 103 degrees Fahrenheit, which is approximately 50 degrees cooler than any vaccine currently used in the US. State offices of doctors, pharmacies, and labs don’t have freezers that low, The storage, and handling of the solution is very complex 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention asked states to be ready to receive the vaccine by Nov. 15, officials said on Oct. 15 they heard the requirements for the first time, so they only have a couple of weeks to prepare.

Dr. Kelly Moore said, who is associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition, vaccine storage requirements have shocked the officials, This requires procuring and handling dry ice carefully, dry ice is also  short supply these days, Everyone is in doubts about the process

DR.William Schaffner, an adviser on vaccines to the CDC, said there are many questions to be the answer about carriage and supply of the vaccine  

Government Guarantees and Many Missed Deadlines

CDC is leading the federal government’s vaccine efforts with many other departments such as the defense department to expedite the process, the Defense Department is coordinating with the CDC

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Perna said he would be personally responsible if the distribution of the vaccine does not go well, I consider myself 100% personally responsible for that purpose.

Storing of Vaccine 

These vaccines need to store at  minus 103 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 75 degrees Celsius, to keep it safe  while the lowest requirement for a current vaccine in the United States is minus 20 degrees

If it remains exposed to air for five minutes, the vaccine will thaw according to Moore, a doctor in the coronavirus vaccine program of the United States of America. 

One person is needed to carry the vaccine and its storage tank, and the carrier should have the ability to ship and store the vaccine in a proper way while monitoring the temperatures of packages 

The Solution to The Storage Problem 

To store the vaccine below 75 degrees Celsius, there are ultra-low temperature freezers available on the market, but the CDC will not buy them, said the CDC director who is looking to keep the vaccine on dry ice, something that doctors and nurses never had to do before.

North Dakota advertised for its own dry ice machine that will cost nearly $ 48,000 and after three months a $ 40,000 machine, according to George Gebhardt of the North Dakota Department of Health.

Some states disagree with the CDC’s decision not to purchase ultra-low-temperature freezers. The entire system is on paper only, there will definitely be plenty of opportunities for errors that cannot be resolved until we enter the system. Moor said.