Brief Introduction: What Is Plexaderm?

Aging causes many changes in one’s personality, which results in losing the strength of the body’s cells. One of the effects of aging is the appearance of bags under the eyes. The formation of bags under the eyes somehow resembles swelling, it is because of the weakening of tissues. This results in the formation of fat around the eyes, and this accumulation of fat provides support to the weakened tissues.


The fat of the upper eyelid just moves to the lower eyelid, as you grow older. The advancement in years also causes accumulation of fluid to the lower eyelid, this causes a puffy appearance. It is the point, where Plexaderm works perfectly, just to reverse the process. Nowadays, people consider Plexaderm to avoid undergoing surgery and injection, to improve their appearance, because the two options are quite painful. Plexaderm helps in the reduction of swelling, fat accumulation, and by using it one can look young again. 


OFFICIAL NAME: The official name for this product is Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream PLUS.


USES: It helps to reduce fat accumulation and swelling under the eyes. It visibly reduces under eye-bags and wrinkles.

DOSAGE FORM: The product is available in the form of cream.

SKIN TYPE: It works best on dry skin.


  • Apply a half-pea size portion gently on your skin and allow it to settle.
  • Apply it before ten minutes, if you are going to use makeup.
  • Moisturizing cream should be applied after the application of Plexaderm and must give it an allowance of 15 minutes after applying Plexaderm. 
  • It must be adjusted to low settings if you are using a blow drier to speed up skin drying. 

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POINT TO REMEMBER: Sometimes sagging under the eyes can be coupled with wrinkles because of aging. Sagging may occur because of a lack of sleep or poor vision. You may feel that you are aging fast, but this is not always the case. To curb this, there are lots of quality products available in the market. 

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Plexaderm:


  • The effects of Plexaderm observes within minutes, usually, it can work within 10 minutes. It is a fast-acting quality product.
  • It can be used on any skin type, but its effects are more pronounced on dry skin type.
  • .Refunds can be accepted by the company, after one month of its purchase. 
  • Just after the first application of Plexaderm, signs of aging start disappearing
  • This product is helpful in covering and filling wrinkles and smoothes the skin. 


  • The product contains silicate compounds, using in excess amount can result in pulling the skin tightly.
  • After the application of the cream-white residue leaves behind that is annoying to most of the consumers.
  • Gives unpleasant pulling on the skin.
  • Some of the ingredients that are used in the formation have little support for the said effects. 

What Is the Leading Cause of Under Bags and Wrinkles

To understand how Plexaderm works first we have to understand the leading cause of under bags and wrinkles. Of course, its leading cause is aging, but there is more to understand. Our skin contains collagen and elastin, and these two are responsible for keeping our skin elastic and firm.


Collagen is proteinaceous in nature and it forms 80 percent of the dermis that is the inner surface of the skin. It is helpful in keeping the skin firm. It is made up of important amino acids for organisms. 


  • Arginine
  • Hydroxyproline
  • Proline 
  • Glycine


Elastin can be defined as the key protein for the extracellular matrix. It is present in the form of connective tissues and is highly elastic. It is helpful in making the skin stretch and to regain its composure. 

How Does Plaxaderm Work?


  • Collagen
  • Elastin 
  • Silicates of sodium and magnesium.

Understanding the two main ingredients i.e, collagen, and elastin and also the silicates of sodium and magnesium is the key to understand how Plaxaderm works?

  1. Sodium silicate forms a thin film on the skin after applying Plaxaderm. It acts like glue on the skin. After applying the cream to the eye bags the skin tightens temporarily. It works as an adhesive that pulls the skin and tightens the eye bags.
  2. While Magnesium Aluminium Silicate acts as a filler. The mechanism of action of magnesium silicate can be understood by the fact that it is helpful in filling-up the wrinkles and make them look evener. 

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How to Use Plaxaderm in Right Way?

To use Plaxaderm following steps must be considered,

  1. MUST PREPARE YOUR SKIN: First, wash your face, and make sure that there should be no remnants of any skincare product left on your skin. To wash your face, use facial soap, and also make sure to clean your hands thoroughly. After washing, dry off both your hands and face. 
  2. HANDLE PLAXADERM TUBE: Now take the bottle out of its container. Remove its cap, and push the pump downwards. Apply continuous pressure until the cream flows out. After dispensing a fair amount of the product stop applying pressure and replace the cap. The dispensed amount should be equal to a pea-sized amount of Plaxaderm. 
  3. APPLYING CREAM: Apply the product in the puffy areas with your fingers. The movement of the fingers should be from upward than outward. While doing so, make sure that the product should not be in contact with the eyes. Continue the procedure until the cream blends perfectly on your skin.
  4. SETTING THE CREAM: Now allow the setting of the cream. To set the cream perfectly, must wait for 10 minutes, just after the application of the cream. While waiting, do not smile or talk and move your muscles. After 10 minutes you may now relax.
  5. REAPPLYING: If you will not feel the results after 10 minutes, reapply the cream and follow the iii and iv steps again. 
  6. STORAGE: Store the bottle at room temperature. 

Ingredients of Plexaderm – What is Plexaderm Made of?

Plexaderm consists of the following ingredients,

  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Ethylexyglycerin
  • Water
  • Sodium silicate
  • Magnesium aluminum silicate
  • Red 40 (Cl 16035)
  • Yellow 5 (Cl 99140)
  • Cellulose gum


  1. MAGNESIUM ALUMINIUM SILICATE: It is extracted from shale clay. It is also known as purified clay and acts as a facial oil absorbent.
  2. SODIUM SILICATE: It is also extracted from shale clay. It can be used in the manufacturing of detergents. Here in this product, it is used to balance the pH levels and also inhibits corrosion.
  3. CELLULOSE GUM: To make the product thick cellulose gum can be used. It is used as a thickening agent in many food products. Products or foods containing low-fats mainly uses cellulose gum to make the product feel thick and creamy. In skincare products it is also used as an additive, that helps to bind water and in turn stabilize the foam and also helps in improvement of the overall texture. Plexaderm uses this ingredient to make the skin thicken.
  4. PHENOXYETHANOL: It can be obtained naturally from green tea, but can be prepared in laboratories too by researchers. It works as a preservative and keeps the bacteria away from the product.
  5. ETHYLHEXYGLYCERIN: Plexaderm uses ethylhexyglycerin, which is used as a skin conditioner. It helps in moisturizing the skin and maintain the elasticity of the skin. It can also be used as a preservative. 

Side Effects to Use of Plexaderm Review

The use of Plexaderm is devoid of any serious side effects. There is still no serious side effect that has been reported, except that a mild irritation has been reported in the area where it is applied. This problem is observed only in a limited number of cases. It can be categorized as a completely safe product but its use is highly dependent on skin quality. 

How Long the Effects of the Plexaderm Last?

Usually, the effect of the Plexaderm can last for eight hours, but to observe its effect you need to apply Plexaderm correctly on your face. Before applying the product, make sure that your face should be clean and dry. Also, after applying the cream wait for approximately 10 minutes to give the product setting time. 

Where to Buy? How Much Plexaderm Cost?

  1. The cost of 5ml of product is $59.95, this cost is devoid of shipping cost.
  2. The packaging also includes other variants, and you- can check them on the company’s website.
  3. This product can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s official website.
  4. To ensure that the product should be genuine you have to purchase the product from the official website.
  5. The company is also providing 30 days refund policy.
  6. The alternative sources for the purchase of the product include Amazon, Walmart, or Walgreens. These sources provide no refund policy.
  7. One bottle of Plexaderm is enough for a month.
  8. The official company’s website is also providing alternatives to make sure that you should not run out of the product. The options are:
  • You can get one free bottle on the purchase of two bottles at the cost of $119.50. this includes no shipping charges. By using this option you can use the product for 90 days.
  • You can get an additional two bottles for free on the purchase of four bottles at the cost of $199.80. This option can be used for 180 days.
  1. The cost of Plexaderm is slightly expensive than other competitor products, but it will be bearable by users if they achieve the desired results, then this aspect will be minimized. 
  2. The company also can’t justify the high cost of the product because it has not conducted any third-party clinical trials. 
  3. Only one thing can justify the cost further that is the manufacturer adds state-of-the-art peptides.


  1. Plexaderm users ensure that the product shows promised results.
  2. This product is best for removing under-eye-bags and puffiness.
  3. Some of the users of Plexaderm are so much satisfied with its use and account for its use for one year and give positive reviews.
  4. Most of the users claim that you can notice the results shortly after its application on your skin.
  5. Plexaderm users ensure that to get positive results of this product you must have to prepare your face first and then apply this product and must provide the setting time of about 10 minutes.
  6. Most of the users are also impressed by its packaging but some are not satisfied. 
  7. Overall the product is best for those who are at weeklong parties and work online. They can get positive results shortly after its application. 
  8. The positive sign that the company got is that they have not been involved previously in any skincare product industry but still got more positive remarks that portray a good sign.
  9. The users are giving a positive response to the fact that the company has provided scant information that includes the research behind this product.

Plexaderm – Complaints Reported:

  1. The users mostly complain about its short term effect that only lasts for about 8 hours.
  2. Most of the users have annoying feelings about the fact that after its application white residue left behind on the skin. 
  3. A very little percentage of the users still not get any positive results after their application. Such users observe no change. This could be the result of skin type.
  4. Some of the users also complain about its packaging and functionality. They often complain about a syringe that is blocked or broken sometimes and is malfunctioned.
  5. Other users state that it works best only on a clean face, but if makeup is added then cream does not work.
  6. They also complain about the fact that adding other sun care products and skin moisturizing creams can not work best.

Solutions to Explain Complaints Reported About Plexaderm:

According to the original manufacturer of the product, the best solution to complaints reported is that the user must apply the product on a clean and dry face and provide the setting time that is mentioned previously to get the positive results. The company had provided scant information about the research of the product and as time goes they will also provide clinical results of the product from independent third parties. 


All skincare products have different mechanisms of action, and each product has its own criteria to produce beneficial results. The results may depend on several factors i.e, skin type, proper use of the product or do you have allergic skin or not.  That’s why it is important to consult your dermatologist before using any skincare product. 

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