Some People are Getting Vaccine Doses Before Their Turn by Bribing, Stealing, and Cutting.
Some People are Getting Vaccine Doses Before Their Turn by Bribing, Stealing, and Cutting.

It is now more than a month since the starting of the vaccination program in the united states of America. People probing doctors to get vaccinated before their turn. Most of these people not supposed to be first to receive the vaccination, 

According to the reports, some people are disturbing the system to acquire vaccine while others are waiting for their turn. According to Arthur Caplan’s medical ethics at the NYU school of medicine, there are several stories of this kind. That shows the disaster of human nature. The government authorities did not pay attention to transportation and distribution and there are not any rules.

To get the shot the efforts of particular people can take the situation in the most dangerous situations. A casino officer Mr.Rodney and his wife, and Actress Baker they took a chartered plane and went to a faraway village of Canada where health workers were vaccinating the member of that area. They act as employees of a local motel and get vaccinated. They are now facing fines due to there this act said the member of the Yukon Legislative assembly.

The chief of the assembly said that like so many other people I am also angry and shocked but it did not surprise me in his statement. He said that it shows that that person is a selfish millionaire and his wife stole the doses of a vulnerable population and put the entire nation, community, and region at high risk.

Five percent population of the US is sixteen years old or older. About thirteen million people in the US. received at least one dose during the first vaccine rollout according to CDC. the advisory agency recommended giving priority for vaccination to the twenty-four million health workers and care facility residents of long term in the united states of America.  But the arthritis of local states is doing differently from the national guidance. For example, Florida and texas expanded their program for people 65 years old and older.

People who received the first dose were 55 percent more than fifty years old, sixty-three percent were women and sixty percent were white nonhispanic white according to the center of diseases and preventions. These results show the demographics of health care workers and the facility of long-term residents to be vaccinated in the group said the CDC.

The agency failed to gather the data of vaccine recipients about their race, ethnicity, and ages. And there is not any data available that show about the profession of these people either they were health care workers or residents of long term care facility. So there are no measures to check the demographic patterns of people’s prioritized population according to the agency.

For the better distribution of coronavirus, you should understand the racial data of the covid vaccine which is a massive barrier.

Some people are stealing, bribing the vaccine, paramedics of Polk county Florida’s were arrested and charged for stealing the vaccine. He stole three doses of the vaccine and attempt to cover his actions of stealing the vaccine.