Lost of taste and smell is the main side effect of the coronavirus and also a major symptom. Many people have lost their smell and taste and are facing many problems due to this issue as published in an article in US Today.

A covid-19 survivor Edelmira Rivera was at her home and resting with her husband and a one and half-year-old son on the bed and she a loud bang outside of their house. Then her sister screamed loudly fire.

She left everything and just grabbed her sone with a blanket and run out. She told that she had not smelled anything and was shocked to see the fire at her front door.

She was tested positive for coronavirus on January 14  and had lost her sense of smell. The next morning early a fire broke out next to her bedroom wall which was less than a foot away from her place of lying. But she could not smell it or the family members that were living with her.

While her sister smelled burning something from the other side of the hose, firstly she imagines that her sister is burning something or making popcorn in the kitchen. But when she smelled the plastic burning she walked out of her room to see what is going on she saw smoke in the hallway. She ran to the house and shout to bring the seven people and dogs out of the house before fire consumed them.

Like her, there are millions of people in the world who have suffered from the covid and changes to their sense of taste and smell. But in most cases, the symptoms only last for a few weeks.

We are more than a year into the pandemic now and the experts and researchers still do not sure that when the people who have lost their senses will get back to normal again. And for how long they have to struggle with the long-term hygiene, safety, and psychiatric implications that they have lost due to the Coronavirus.

As pandemic is going on and we are now got experience how to control the disease but still we do not when and how the side effects of covid associated with smell and taste will resolve. According to Dr.Jay, we have learned that most people recover taste and smell but not all which is a big issue for their safety.

How much New Survivors with Diminished Senses

There will be up to a million new corona cases in the united states of America of people who have diminished senses of taste and smell due to coronavirus. According to studies up to eight present people who have coronavirus symptoms experience the taste and smell dysfunction. 

Studies showed that more than eighty percent of people feel reduced ability to taste or smell. Some of them lose the senses completely. 

ENT Professor Dr. Evan reiterated of Virginia University has studied the issue and said that patients are reporting the dysfunction of taste and smell.

When you eat something it hits the taste buds and vapors in your food makes smell at the same time. And your brain perceives how the taste of food. Most people get their senses back within a few weeks but in some people, it continues for more than six months. Scientists know that these symptoms are associated with the mile cases of coronavirus in younger people.