Teacher’s Vaccination is not Must, Six Feet Distance Advised by CDC for Reopening Schools
Teacher’s Vaccination is not Must, Six Feet Distance Advised by CDC for Reopening Schools

According to an article published in US Today, the CDC said that schools can be reopened safely amid coronavirus pandemic if they take safety measures including the safe social distance of six feet in schools where it could be possible.

Cdc also said that vaccination of teachers is important but not must to reopen schools. It is not included in the in-person advice.

On Friday Center for deceased and prevention center release guidelines for schools that are still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. These guidelines are key to reopen the schools according to president Joe Biden which he has repeatedly pointed that the majority of schools will reopen within his first 100 days at the office.

They named the bill as a roadmap for the safety of schools and children. It is also on stop shop to the safety, these are the best recommendations based on available evidence.

The director of CDC Rochelle Walensky said, there are many sources of science to rely on and we are learning many things from them. And this decision is free from political meddling.

Other advice is general like wearing masks and cleaning hands with soap or sanitizer.  Other respiratory etiquettes, maintaining and cleaning the facilities as well as possible.

In the report, they also highlight the efforts for better ventilation such as opening windows and doors. But they did not specify the old buildings and change of structure of buildings.

The report contains 35 pages that CDC has provided to public schools. According to some estimations more than half have already opened their schools while they are doing and operating in a safe environment.

According to reports, there is evidence that shows that K-12 schools strictly implementing mitigation safety measures and can safely operate and can remain open.

Communities with Schools have more Covid Cases than in Open

Vaccination should not a condition for reopening schools said CDC in his reports. But they also advise giving high priority to teachers in vaccine distribution.

Vaccination of teachers will provide an extra layer of protection according to Walensky, he also cleared that it is not mandatory. The schools can be reopened again without the vaccination of teachers. Because their vaccination is not a prerequisite said Walensky.

As CDC advises to keep six feet distance which is a great extent possible. Which is more suitable and beneficial than three feet separation that was advised by Harvard.

CDC Recommends different strategies to maintain social distances in the schools such as making small cohorts or pods of students and maintaining or staggering schedules. Providing and installing physical barriers especially where space is narrow and schools should limit the school visitors.

Opening schools can not spread the virus because the spread of the virus has seen more in the communities where schools are closed. According to CDC. according to the evidence, the children are less susceptible than adults and they are less infectious.

GOP Pushes Biden to open schools

After the new variant spread the debates about reopening schools is increased, as vaccine distribution raged for weeks. in some cities teacher’s union is pushing back and parents are very anxious bout the learning of their kids.

School administrators are yearning for federal guidance and support since day one of the pandemic. In the previous government, CDC was often conflicting about when schools will open. While Biden campaigned to reopen the majority of schools but revised that he will also focus on k-8 schools reopening. Now he is focusing and facing the pressure to deliver what he has said. Pandemic is frustrating many parents. The administration narrowed the goal further this week. They are going to reopen schools at least one day a week of classroom instruction.

NY, Buffalo, San Francisco, Fairfax, Philadelphia, Virginia, and some other local unions are resisting the reopening of schools. They want to be vaccinated before going to school because they did not trust on their districts can implement safety protocols in the schools.

The prescient of the AFT ( the American Federation of teachers) Randi Weingarten applauded the new advice of CDC and said the vaccine priority for teachers.