skin care tips
Skin Care

The internet is filled with thousands of articles describing and explaining skincare. But with so many suggestions and opinions available, one comes confused about which to choose and which is to leave, and which tip help you in taking care of your skin, we have dug up the whole researches available. from daily tips to wonderful products. The best top tips to take care of your skin are:

1-Use Sunscreen 

Although sunlight is very important for your health, sun rays also contain UV rays, which can cause skin cancer and premature skin aging, that’s why it is recommended to add a good sunscreen cream in your daily skincare will reduce the harmful rays to attack the cells of your skin, so remember to apply sunscreen cream before going into sunlight directly.


Wearing lots of makeups, dirt, and smoky smog is very harmful to your skin. Whatever the reason, a good quality cleanser will always be your good friend. First, remove the makeup with makeup remover. Or gently rub the cleanser on your wet face always use an excellent product to use for your skin, cleansers also help to keep your skin dehydrated.

3-Use Moisturizer after Cleansing

Never miss an important step of moisturizing your skin after cleansing, apply moisturizer on still wet skin, the moisturizer will seal your skin and keep it hydrated. Always use a good quality moisturizer with the extra ingredient of skin care always use an outstanding quality skincare moisturizer for better results.

4-Give your Skin a Gentle Massage

You have a good chance to give your face muscles and skin a gentle massage while cleansing or applying moisturizer to your face, instead of making the quick foam and rinsing it water. The gentle massage of the skin increases the circulation of blood in the skin cells, which makes them able to absorb containing skincare ingredients and creates a fresher and healthier complexion

5-Scrub or Exfoliate 

Use a good quality scrub cream or exfoliator weekly, it is a key to glowing skin.  Scrubbing helps to buff away the old dead skin cells, when ever4 you feel your skin is looking dull, it will be time to scrub your and not scrub too hard because it can damage your skin and you will not get the required results. 

6-Do Not Wear Makeup to Bed

Always remove your makeup before going to bed, even if you are too tired from a long day of work, makeups contain lead and other ingredients that can cause potential breakouts, always clean your makeup with a good skincare product cleanser to remove bacteria, dirt, impurities, and germs from the skin and give extra protection against acne and skin tags 

 7-Carry Wipes with You in Bag

As you carry other important things in your bag like a mobile phone, makeup kit, lipstick, keys, and other things keep wipes with you. It is very important to wipe the sweat off to be protected from germs and dust when you can not rinse off immediately. This will help you keep pores of your skin dirt and germs free 

8-Get Enough Sleep 

fewer sleep habits not only affect your productivity, but they also affect negatively your skin, according to a study. Poor sleep can increase signs of aging and damage your skin. For better and better-looking skin get full sleep at night minimum for eight hours 

9-Reduce Weight

If you are overweight or your mass index is higher than the standard rate. Then it is time to join the gym and take good care of your health because obesity not only increases the risk of different diseases like heart diseases, blood pressure, blood sugar, and other chronic diseases, it also increases the risk of different kinds of skin problems. You can use a keto diet plan to reduce extra fat quickly 

10-Eat Healthy for Healthy Skin 

If your eating habit is not good, then you have to change your diet plan to a healthy plan, add more fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk, and honey to your daily diet. You can add good health supplement products to your daily intake for better results.