The New COVID-19 Variant is more lethal. According to the British Officials
The New COVID-19 Variant is more lethal. According to the British Officials

The prime Minister of Britan Boris Johnson said on Friday that the new variation of Coronavirus that discovered in the country in the month of September is around 30 percent more lethal than the previous one. He stated at a conference in London.


This new variant is known as B.1.1.7. According to British scientists, the new mutant virus has the ability to spread faster than the old one that has attacked the UK, and the ratio could be thirty to seventy percent.

It not only spread faster but also has a high mortality rate. the chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance said, the previous coronavirus has had a mortality rate of 10 per 1000 in above 60 years old people. While the new variant infected 14 out of 1000 people and maybe expected to die.

He also said that these numbers are uncertain and we have to do a lot of work to handle this lethal virus. But the issue is that this new mutant virus has a high rate of mortality and can further change its genetics if we failed to control it.

Concerning Things

The main concerning thing about these new variants that a new strain of coronavirus can move to the US and we need a careful watch, experts say.

The virus threats Advisory Group compared the mortality rates in the infected people with new and old viruses. The whole findings were provided to the British government for taking necessary steps.

The new variant was first identified in Kent, England, the first time report from the British officials. There is not any reason that we did not believe these findings, it can make people sicker and can lead to more and more deaths.

This research is based on the documents that were exhibited in Jan. which showed the death rate across different age groups. They also found that the possibility that this new variant is the reason for the high death rate as compared to the infection old one.

But the report also said that the fatality rate associated with the mutant virus has not reported by hospitals and the risk of fatality per infection is low till now. And it also not increase the hospitalization rate and maybe the data is not showing the whole death rate. 384 people had died due to the new variant from 2583 people who were tested positive from the coronavirus. The study was based on the people infected in November and start of the January.

According to the researchers, Pfizer’s vaccines will be possibly effective against the new mutant virus in the UK. that was firstly detected in Southeast England and now has spread to the other parts of the world including the United State of America.

The new variant can fast spread in the US which can potentially increase the death rate in the United States and grow the disease in the country by March.