COVID-19 in US
COVID-19 in US

Right after an election day in the United States, more than 100,000 cases of Covid-19 were reported, in these highly competitive elections, the US also led a high number of corona cases. cases will continue at the same rate the number of affected cases can reach up to 10 million in a week according to a US News article on Nov. 5, 2020, at 12:53 p.m

By looking at a map of the spread of coronavirus we found that there no signs of any kind of improvement and experts expecting that the scenario is going to be worse incoming winter, according to Johns Hopkins University only three states are going in the right direction which are Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama, the condition could be worse if the public did not follow the mitigation measures

The Economy is More Concerned Than COVID-19

More than 1,100 deaths were reported on Wednesday according to officials, the number of deaths reached 233,000 from the covid 19 virus, according to the data the weekly average is also so high and reaches almost 89,000, this record did not attract attention because everyone was busily Seeing the tough fight between Joe Biden and President Donal Trump, people were more concerned about the economy than the coronavirus.

According nationalgeographic Each region has a growing number of covid 19 cases, the Midwest seems more concerned about it, cases relative to population come from South Dakota, North Dakota and Wisconsin, more than 52,000 people currently hospitalized due to covid 19, new cases were registered daily around the world. marked a high number on Wednesday, health officials reported more than 48 million cases 

Coronavirus and Flu Season

CNN reported on November 5, 2020 at 0828 GMT (1628 HKT), as Colorado said goodbye to any hope of an extended summer after a surprise snowstorm covered much of the state, Kara Williams noted that with the change in season, illnesses are also changing your mood. . The change of season often ushers in predictable cold symptoms that you have become accustomed to treating several times a year

This winter will be different from the previous one due to covid 19 restrictions, social distance, not too large gatherings and the mandatory face mask can save many lives.

Use What You Have 

Another better option is to get vaccinated against the flu, if you have not already done so, it is the best time to get vaccinated, the flu season normally starts in November in the Northern Hemisphere statistics and now is the best time to get vaccinated, by looking at the data of flu shots for many years, it doesn’t seem perfect, as Fauci said: as we know that flu shots not only prevent form infections, but also prevent people who are severely infected from disease and hospitalization .

“It is a fact that maintaining social distance, washing hands and wearing masks, while leaving or treating someone who is sick or affected by a virus is the best prevention at the moment,” said the professor of public health. from George Washington University. Mr. wen while speaking on CNN about Covid-19 and flue